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[Confirmed] Plasma Field's damaging ring is off set

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  • [Confirmed] Plasma Field's damaging ring is off set

    Found this out as I was testing some stuff on Razor.

    Plasma Field's tooltip says that its radius is 700. The actual visible plasma ring truly travels up to 700 radius, so the visuals are correct.

    But the damage, it seems to be completely off.

    Now from DotA1, I know that Plasm Field damages units within 100 range of the ring. So it basically hits units 100 range infront, and 100 range behind the ring.

    But in Dota2, it seems to damage 200 range infront of the ring and 0 range behind the ring. Both of this things for for expanding and retracting.

    Here a visual demonstration. Left is Dota2 current way and right is the expected way.

    So basically, the damage hits 100 range too early upon expanding, and hits 100 range too late upon retracting.
    It also makes it visually looking totaly wrong. You get damaged by it way before the ring even hit you when it expands, but upon retracting, you get damaged after the ring already passed you.

    I have also noticed that the damage is not eve. Upon retracting, it always deals less damage upon expanding, even when neither razor, nor the affected units moved.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Can anyone look and see if it's only damaging in front of the ring, or if the damage ring is simply 100 units larger than the animation ring for some reason. I have the feeling it's the latter. The visual doesn't necessarily correlate to the collision boxes.

    The result is effectively the same, but the underlying reasons are different.


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      Pulling this in from the other thread.

      Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
      Nope, definitely sure it's just off set.

      It hits 200 units infront of the ring but 0 units behind it, instead of 100 units infront and 100 units behind. It never hits units standing ontop of razor (via invis or phase), because it doesn't hit units before the ring, only behind.
      That could just be because the starting radius of the ring is ~100 units larger than it should be.


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        Originally posted by Kelvin View Post
        Pulling this in from the other thread.

        That could just be because the starting radius of the ring is ~100 units larger than it should be.
        No, it's not too large.. I even made videos showing how it doesn't damage units on one side, it only damages from the outside. Also do you really think it's intended for it to not damage units which are too close to Razor?
        Please, just call me buny.