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[Confirmed] Pounce prematurely stops other spells' effects

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  • [Confirmed] Pounce prematurely stops other spells' effects

    Many spells get canceled out when Pounce leash expires during their effect. Mainly, it's the position changing effect of lots of spells. For example, when a leashed target gets walrus punched, and the pounce expires on the target mid air, it will instantly land, reducing the stun duration of Walrus punch.


    1. Leash someone with Slark's Pounce
    2. Wait for leash to expire
    3. Before it expires, use a certain position changing spell on the leashed target

    Result: The position changing effect of the spell instantly stops as soon as the Pounce expires.

    Expected Result: Pounce doesn't prematurely end position changing effects.

    This was fixed in the past for Tiny's Toss, Rubick's Telekinesis and all the impales. But there still are many unfixed spells.

    Affected spells are:
    1. Adaptive Strike (video)
    2. Blinding Light (video)
    3. Boulder Smash (video)
    4. Charge of Darkness (video)
    5. Deafening Blast (video)
    6. Flamebreak (video)
    7. Force Staff (video)
    8. Geomagnetic Grip (video)
    9. Greater Bash (video)
    10. Gust (video)
    11. Hookshot (video)
    12. Meat Hook (video) (hook also has this special bug where it will still pull you even when it got canceled, as seen in the video and in here)
    13. Power Cogs (video)
    14. Primal Roar (video)
    15. Rolling Boulder (video)
    16. Tether (video)
    17. Timber Chain (video)
    18. Vacuum (video)
    19. Walrus Punch (video)
    20. Icarus Dive (video)
    21. Leap (Video)
    22. Pounce (Video)
    23. Walrus Kick (Video)
    24. Skewer effect on caster (Video)
    25. Skewer effect on hit enemies (Video)

    As for Tiny's Toss, it will deal no aoe damage when the leash ends on the tossed target while airborne (video).
    Last edited by bu3ny; 11-26-2015, 07:24 AM. Reason: removed walrus punch, added icarus dive, leap, pounce, walrus kick and skewer
    Please, just call me buny.

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    Nice find once again bu3ny


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      Boosted Rolling Boulder fails when Slarks Pounce debuff runs out

      There are two interactions here, a gameplay bug when there is no enemy hero in the Rolling Boulders path, and a visual bug if there is.

      Reproduction 1 (no enemy):

      1. Place a Stone Remnant
      2. Have a Slark Pounce you
      3. Wait for the Pounce debuff to almost run out
      4. Cast Rolling Boulder with the Stone Remnant in your path, so that the Pounce debuff runs out while you are rolling, but before you hit the Remnant.


      Earth Spirits Rolling Boulder will immediately stop and the Remnant will be destroyed as if it was consumed by the Roll.

      Expected Result:

      Earth Spirit will execute his Rolling Boulder normally

      Reproduction 2 (enemy hero in path)

      1. Place a Stone Remnant between your location and that of an enemy hero.
      2. Have a Slark Pounce you
      3. Wait for the Pounce debuff to almost run out
      4. Cast Rolling Boulder towards the enemy hero with the Stone Remnant in your path, so that the Pounce debuff runs out while you are rolling, but before you hit the Remnant.


      Rolling Boulders animation disappears, making it seem like the spell was cancelled at first. Earth Spirit then gets teleported behind the enemy hero, as if he normally executed the spell, making this a purely visual bug.

      Expected Result:

      Rolling Boulders animation plays normally.
      Last edited by 101101001101001; 11-22-2015, 10:16 AM.


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        Slark's activated shadow dance stops skewer

        So apparently there is a new feature to slark's ultimate with the latest update. If he is using his shadow dance, you can't skewer through him.
        It's like you're hitting a brick wall!
        EDIT: Match ID: 1959278196
        first one at 05:58, second one at 06:56
        Last edited by tresher; 11-25-2015, 12:10 PM. Reason: Couldn't reply to the post with the information that was asked of me


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          Give match ID and time stamp please.
          Please, just call me buny.


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            I bet he targeted exactly where Slark stood.


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              Checked the replay. It's a bug with Pounce. If you are leashed, any position changing effect (in this case your Skewer) gets canceled if you lose the leash debuff during it.

              Merged threads.
              Please, just call me buny.


              • #8
                Slark Pounce Techies Blast Off Interaction

                Match ID: 3075070378

                Basically Techies is unable to Blast Off on self to deny self while pounce's leash is active.
                Probably due to Techies jump during Blast Off being higher in length than link allows, causing the interrupt.

                To reproduce
                1) Slark lvl 1 pounce, Techies lvl 1 Blast Off
                2) While leash is active, Techies uses Blast Off on self (within leash radius)

                Blast Off is activated, no explosion, denying Techies ability to self-deny

                Hoping it would be fixed? Because that is a 3.5s disabling of self-denial for an ability that is just supposed to keep a hero within the area.
                Last edited by clemaxgra; 03-25-2017, 04:44 AM.


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                  Can you write timing?
                  or video repyt this bag! Thanks!


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                    Phoenix's Icarus Dive stopping by the end of Slark's Pounce "Leashed" effect

                    To see this bug, u need to use Icarus Dive right before Slark's Pounce "Leashed" effect ends - it must end in time when you are flying on dive, but didnt break the leash yet.

                    dota2://matchid=3230919936&matchtime=882 game time 8:40
                    dota2://matchid=3230259994&matchtime=842 game time 8:25
                    dota2://matchid=3244648929&matchtime=1263 game time 14:50

                    Also tested in lobby - works same.
                    Plese fix it! Really annoying bug! Slark is not most powerful hero aganist Phoenix, and when I come on lane I feel good, but when this shit happens - I am done


                    • #11
                      [Techies] Interaction with Suicide and Slark's Pounce

                      I just had this happen in-game and I tested it again to confirm. It was fairly easy to reproduce.

                      If you start casting suicide on techies while under the effect of Slark's Pounce (leash) and the leash ends near the same time that the suicide is about to go off, it cancels the suicide and places it on cooldown.

                      It is similar to techies suicide into Void's Chronosphere. However in this case, this is clearly not the intended interaction as techies can suicide to any distance while under the effect of Pounce. It seems to happen only when Techies is about to explode and the Pounce duration is about to end.


                      • #12
                        Any update to fixing this bug? Just got denied another deny while playing Techies because of it. I can understand if abilities with movement are prevented from leaving leash range, but using blast off on the same spot shouldn't put the ability on cooldown while not doing anything.

                        Match ID: 5744307794
                        Time: 8:30
                        Last edited by Bobhigs; 12-16-2020, 01:33 AM.