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[Axe] Berserker's Call malfunctions heavily when Axe turns invisible during it

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  • [Axe] Berserker's Call malfunctions heavily when Axe turns invisible during it

    Having noticed this in an AD game initially, now I did a test in local lobby. Picked Axe, created allied Oracle, created enemy hero, casted FP on me, casted BC on the enemy hero, enemy hero gets the debuff but is free to do whatever they want. Same with Skeleton Walk (as in the AD game) and Shadow Blade, so I think any form of invisibility works the same. Given how strong Oracle+Axe is early game, this bug can affect such games really hard by not being able to effectively stun the entire enemy team while being under False Promise.

    P. S. It seems if you are invisible prior to calling the enemy has one free movement order they can perform while taunted. Means they can only order to move one time but they can execute any other orders unhindered.

    EDIT: the buff/debuff still stays on both parties, but the taunt portion doesn't work.

    1. Pick Axe, level up Berserker's Call and get a Shadow Blade
    2. Create some enemy units
    3. Cast Beserker's Call, hitting enemies, and immediately use Shadow Blade
    4. Give affected enemy units some orders

    Result: While axe is invis, enemy units can execute 1 order while still being affected by Berserker's Call. This can be any order, from moving, to attacking and using spells or items.

    Expected: Enemies should walk towards Axe's last known location and be unable to do anything, until the Call debuff is gone or until Axe is visible again. Compare to Winter's Curse, where it works properly.
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    Please, just call me buny.


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      Interaction between Berserker's Call and False Promise

      When watching a game I noticed a weird behavior when it comes to the interaction between Oracle and Axe.
      As False Promise makes you invisible even while attacking and using spells, and Berserker's Call forces you
      to attack him, it gets strange when the spells are being combined.
      Because when Axe is invisible but you're forced to attack him, the game engine doesn't really know what to do.
      I couldn't really figure out how it works exactly, but it seems you can tell your hero what to do when you get called.
      But it will only do the very first thing you order it to do, then you lose control of your hero.

      You can try it out by creating a lobby with cheats turned on and then use the following commands.

      -createhero npc_dota_hero_oracle enemy
      -createhero npc_dota_hero_axe enemy
      -levelbots 25

      Then go to the woods with the two bots and your own Hero and try it out yourself :

      First bind Axe on a control group (for me it's CTRL+1 to do so)
      Then use Oracle's ultimate to make Axe invisible, press 1 to command Axe, walk near your own hero and use
      Berserker's call. You will notice that you can still move your hero although he's being applied the debuff.

      It really does some strange things and I think this should somehow be fixed, although it's not so easy..
      Because after all, what is a Hero supposed to do if he's forced to attack a target he can't see?
      Hope you can also reproduce it and try to understand what happens here exactly.

      Greetings, Ernst


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        It's a bug with call and invis in general, not just with False Promise.
        Please, just call me buny.


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          Merged threads
          Please, just call me buny.


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            Glimmer Cape breaks Berserker's Call

            1. Have Glimmer's Cape
            2. Activate GC on yourself
            3. Run up to target (a bot in this case)
            4. Activate Berserker's Call

            1. Bot will turn to attack
            2. You will fade right after doing Berserker's call if you do not do anything
            3. Bot will lose forced on Axe and will run away immediately

            It does not seem to observe the full stop duration that should occur when Axe goes invisible and there are no targets for the enemy to attack.

            If Axe turns invisible during the taunt, affected enemies will attack the closest enemy. If no enemies are nearby, the target will stop. If the target regains vision on Axe, they will attack Axe as normal.
            The target is allowed to make one command of any type during the time Axe is invisible, including items, abilities, and movement. When the command finishes, the target will stop until Axe is visible or the debuff expires.