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[Ancient Apparition]Heroes affected by Ice Blast can be denied by neutrals/its allies

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  • [Ancient Apparition]Heroes affected by Ice Blast can be denied by neutrals/its allies

    Ice Blast's Shatter should not work for Allied Hero Denials; currently, Purifying Flames violates this rule. I believe that all other cases of denies through Ice Blast Shatter have been fixed previously already.

    When an enemy is affected by Ice Blast, and an ally of the enemy, or a neutral creep cause its health to drop below the shatter threshold, it results in a deny.

    1. Hit an enemy with Ice Blast
    2. Have an enemy Oracle cast Purifying Flames on the same hero, until its health drops belowt he threshold
    2.2. Alternatively, have neutral creeps drop its health below the threshold

    Result: The kill is creditted to the ally of the enemy, or to the neutral creeps.

    Expected: Similar to how shattering caused by self-inflicted damage grants the kill credits to Abaddon, damage inflicted by allies and neutrals should do so as well. The only heroes able to get the kill credits are the caster or the allies of the caster.

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    are you sure?? cause i can easily deny someone whos gonna shatter. Cent with ice blast and venomous gale buff lower than 25 percent hp i deny him with atacking ,he shatterd because of my atack. I did with banes nightmare it worked also. And they shattered i didnt do last damage ice blast buff did but still counted as deny
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      I think it was fixed for damage to self only and not for damage from allies.
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        Added vids.
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          Oracle can deny frostbitten teammates

          Steps to reproduce:
          1. Spawn any allied level 1 hero and an allied level 7 oracle with level 4 Purifying Flames
          2. Spawn enemy Ancient Apparation with level 6 and Ice Blast
          3. Bring level 1 hero to about 15-20% life
          4. Let Ice Blast strife the level 1 hero, thus applying the Frostbitten debuff
          5. Oracle uses Purifying Flames on the level 1 hero
          Actual result: Oracle denies the level 1 hero
          Expected result: Ancient Apparition gets credit for the kill

          Here's a video clip:

          This clip also shows that a frostbitten Centaur and Oracle cannot deny themselves but Oracle can deny a teammate. Bane can also deny teammates with Nightmare but he cannot deny himself, so I'm pretty sure this is not intended and just an oversight.

          If the last damage source which brings an enemy below the shatter threshold (and not instantly kill him!) is an enemy's teammate (for example Purifying Flames and Nightmare) then the kill needs to be granted to Ancient Apparition.
          Inflicting damage to self or teammates under the effect of Ice Blast should only count as a deny when the damage is actually greater than the targets current health. If the self/teammate damage only brings the target below the shatter threshold then AA needs to get the killing blow.

          If I missed any teammate damage inflicting abilities just let me know.
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            Ok my bad I didn't see that thread. However I looked through your confirmed bugs and couldn't find it in the last 3 pages searching for "deny". Don't forget that Bane's Nightmare can also deny teammates.
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              Bumped for AA related bugs.

              If AA's enemy is brought below the shatter threshold (but still with at least 1 HP left) by one the enemy's teammates the kill credit does not go to AA but counts as a deny instead. I think Oracle and Bane are the only heroes who can inflict damage to their teammtes.
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                Anyone can deny them, with the help of Veno, QoP or Doom.
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