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Attack ground order interaction with invisibility

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  • Attack ground order interaction with invisibility


    Maybe it's my mistake for moving through attack commands, but this did not happend in DotA and I'd like to report it.
    My little Gondar, invisible, just goes and hit his opponent as if nothing.

    Repro Steps:

    1. Pick Gondar.
    2. Wind Walk.
    3. Press A next to an enemy hero (or unit?)


    Gondar will attack the unit, just as auto attacking.

    Expected Result:
    Gondar should not attack anything, becoming A just a movement command.

    I haven't tried enabling/disabling the auto-attack (un)feature in the game options, yet I think it wont make a difference.
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      pressing A issues the attack command. if you issue the attack command without selecting an actual target, it will attack the first thing the unit comes into contact with while moving.

      i don't understand the problem

      you shouldn't press A to move


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        Originally posted by fulgorestyle View Post
        pressing A issues the attack command. if you issue the attack command without selecting an actual target, it will attack the first thing the unit comes into contact with while moving.

        i don't understand the problem

        you shouldn't press A to move
        That's why I said but this did not happen in DotA and I'd like to report it. If you're invi, Gondar won't attack anything, Riki won't attack anything, lothar'd Sniper won't attack anything!


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          Working as intended.
          Attack command forces to attack (nearest) target if there's no target selected.


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            I'm starting to think that people don't know how to read.


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              That is why the Attack command is separated from the move command.


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                I'm not arguing about whether A and M should have different functions, the thing is that it worked different in DotA, and to keep stealth units stealthy, this should be changed.


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                  Or you shouldn't use A-move. Pretty sure it's a WC3 engine bug being corrected. Logical tactical use of the Attack Move command would be ruined if they didn't work with windwalk (like to minimize the effect of LoS juking).


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                    It worked like that in Dota 1 because it was WC3 stuff, not a dota feature.

                    A is attack command.


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                      I don't understand you op, why would you use an attack command if you don't want to attack. There is a beatifull move command for that. I don't care how it was in Dota 1 (cause it it doesn't make sense), the way it is now makes sense, 2 commands for 2 different things, invisible or not.


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                        Originally posted by ZShock View Post
                        I'm starting to think that people don't know how to read.
                        Just give up!! xD The dont played DotA1 and will not understand. Bug - because it not like in DotA1 and I think it will become implemented soon.
                        Known bugs! READ before POST!
                        Looking for Dota2 bugs testers.
                        Sorry for my bad English
                        If bug can't be fixed it becomes intended feature and dota1 get changed too.
                        Suggestions should be here!


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                          I don't really care if it's a bug or not, and if it works like this on DotA 1 or not. But it should stay as it is.

                          Like fulgorestyle said, if you are moving with A, it's because you want to hit someone while chasing through fog(most of the times) or you are just farming.
                          While you are invisible there should be an option to do that aswell, because otherwise it would be a disadvantage for someone that is invis chasing someone through the FoW.

                          Also, there is no point on just walking using the A hotkey as fulgorestyle also pointed out... If you are using the A hotkey it is because you want to Attack someone. If you just want to move to a certain direction either click or use the M hotkey (if it's already implemented, dunno).


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                            anyone with RTS experience knows if you use A to move, it's going to attack anything it encounters. sounds like a flaw in warcraft 3 instead of a feature.

                            it makes no sense in my mind why you would press A + click when you can just right click to move. either way you spin the situation, it is counter-productive to press A to move while invisible. unconventional method of moving and it should remain as is. i doubt 99% of players even thought of attempting to move with A + click.

                            makes me wonder how you discovered it lol


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                              I just play like that :_

                              Been playing with the thing last night. Apparently, if you don't hold position Riki/Gondar/whatever and an enemy appears, your hero will do nothing. BUT, if this enemy units becomes hostile (that means, attacks any unit through normal attacks or magic missiles) then your hero will go and attack no matter invi or not.

                              Edit: Not hold position, but S instead. Or just finishing your movement command. Pressing A while the enemy unit is not hostile will result in your hero staying invi.
                              Last edited by ZShock; 12-28-2011, 05:53 PM.