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[Confirmed] Blocking lanes with persuaded creeps

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  • [Confirmed] Blocking lanes with persuaded creeps

    I played a game today where a stack of players decided to perform a sort of 'exploit' with chen. I use the term exploit with hesitation because it was a legitimate use of the skills he has but the result was game breaking.

    What was done:

    You take over sufficient larger model creeps and block the bottom lane behind the T2 Tower. You let the creep wave Stack up wave after wave for quite some time (I've attached screenshots). You then release the stacked wave when you want to. You can use it to split push, overwhelm defenders etc. You can get items like drums, Basilus, Vlads, Pipe, Mek.. Alpha wolf aura (control, or doom devour) etc and you can buff the hell out of these creeps and easily take a lane. Which we did. Then you can start blocking up the buffed creeps to finish the lane. While denying the enemy ALL possible experience/gold from that lane. Aura's like Vengeful spirit's, drow's etc. Will be amplified by a LARGE factor on a massive wave of creeps as well.

    Then when the game wasn't going well (we only had one carry) they repeated the stack to a large number and waited until Kunkka came to destroy the huge stack (as they knew he would for the gold/stop the rush) When Kunkka's crit hit all the creeps. It overwhelmed the game and everyone crashed simultaneously.

    The game was then registered as one with Poor network conditions so it wasn't scored.

    I've attached all the screenshots here. I've eliminated all identifiable information from the screenshots to preserve privacy. I did not check each person's individual steam account to see if they had it as private, and as a privacy nut I decided to err on the side of caution.

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    Persuaded creeps should be phased. This was an issue in DotA1, too, and it was fixed by making persuaded creeps phased.
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      Confirmed in local lobby. Took me 20 minutes to figure it out.

      It's all to do with positioning. If there is even a small gap the creeps appear to just phase through. But if you click to move your controlled creeps to just the other side of your "wall" and stop them when they are in line it works. Eventually the controlled creeps will actually stop being able to move to the other side, blocking any gaps. Probably needs at least 6 controlled creeps to do it but didn't test that much. Can make a vid if required I suppose but here's a screenshot of it happening.

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        This isn't new, it's been here for years, you can do it with other heroes too.

        They should make it if lane creeps haven't crossed a specific distance (or AoE) in a specific duration, they get phased, this doesn't affect other situations I can think of, opposed to making Chen's creeps phased.


        • #5
          making chen creeps phased presents problems for chen in other areas


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            Originally posted by noblue View Post
            making chen creeps phased presents problems for chen in other areas


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              can't body block with creeps?

              It's obvious..
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              • #8
                Oh lol, I read it as "making chen's creeps phased fixes problems in other areas".


                • #9
                  A simple solution would be to let friendly lane creeps walk through persuaded creeps, without making either "phased" with regards to other things.
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                  • #10
                    The creeps should be "ghosted" not phased. Ghost units get blocked themselves but can't block others.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
                      The creeps should be "ghosted" not phased. Ghost units get blocked themselves but can't block others.
                      That's also bad IMO.


                      • #12
                        That's how it's in WC3 DotA, nobody complained yet.


                        • #13
                          Probably because nobody plays that game anymore.


                          • #14

                            IF chen's creeps are stationary for 5 seconds they are phased until they move 50 units.

                            Or if minions are stationary for 25 seconds they are phased.
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                              You can also make it easier if you have Helms of the dominator on your side.