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Requesting Pathfinding Examples

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  • #16
    Dire jungle pathfinding to go around small camp *Pull camp* to lane/hide in trees next to lane puts you in range to aggro the creeps in the camp.

    Dire ancient pathfinding around it is screwy and can make you double back to walk around the other side. Its semi-hard to replicate but can make you walk a U around the ancient backwards and around to go to the fountain.

    Radiant trees by tier 1 tower at bottom lane can get you to rotate in circles in place back and forth infinitely if you keep clicking what would be and is passable terrain between trees.

    Pretty much anything around trees right now is screwy aside from the ancient one I would suggest a closer look at the "Boxes" around the trees and monitoring the pathing around them and adjust them according to hero boxes.
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      Easiest fix for that would be to increase ward placing range by about 200 as it seems to have screwed the placement of the mountain on radiants side. You used to be able to place it without having to get within 20 inches of the damn thing.


      • #18
        If you need, I am about to finish my masters, and am looking for some work - I am a physicist, who is self teaching programming.

        Pathing works in 2D, so it has no excuse to use integrals that take into account the landscape (region bounded by obstacles defined by 'C') to find the fastest path. See Green's Theorem (
        There are other ideas I can find by revising my years of maths study, so PM me if you need a scientist on board.


        • #19
          I reported this before and it got fixed, it was much more broken.

          You can notice Slark stopping for a very little time around the corners of the tower, easily noticeable around the dropped item and the tree.


          • #20
            Pathfinding is also pretty ridiculous near dire Ancient/roshan when you try to go anywhere on the dire side of bottom lane. Happened to me few times. It was shorter route to go around secret shop, yet my hero went through the river lol.


            • #21
              I was going to mention the second video in thecatandsgtbaker's post. I get that problem quite often, even my own creeps block me to the point where i run back and forth trying to find the shortest path, Normally have to manually take over just so I don't lose time.

              Happens every so often with Melee Heroes, and Melee creeps all running up to attack the same few targets, I'll go back and forth once or twice(just like riki in the video) before all the creeps settle in and start attacking, They'll even push me out of the way by what seems to be maybe 10 units, Just enough so that they can squeeze in, infront of me. This one sucks particularly bad because by the time you can walk around the creeps to last hit them as a melee, they're already dead thanks to having to path all the way around. I'll see if I can get a video or replay of a good example of it. Might happen once every 3 or 4 games. Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about though, and has an example video already.

              Looks like TheCell just posted an example..
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                Originally posted by Jeff Hill View Post
                We are working on improving the pathfinding of Dota 2 and could use your help. If you know of situations where the pathfinder in Dota 2 isn't performing as you would hope, please post to this thread with examples. We've seen a few really detailed videos that have been helpful so far.

                Thank you!

                It's inconsitent. If it is possible to hit from between those 2 creeps go for it and if not go around but this is inconsistant. This is an actual replay from yesterday.


                • #23
                  I did a reddit thread on one problem of path finding I encoutered :

                  I just shift-warded shift-attacked the zone and Phoenix stood here in the trees while I was looking at Juggernaut top. I didn't touch my keyboard or my mouse during this time. If you want to investigate by yourself here is the id of the match 1142978082


                  • #24
                    This is easy to reproduce, block the path to a unit, stand out of the attack range, issue an attack command.

                    Result: The hero will get confused between taking the longer path around the wards or walking towards Centaur.

                    Expected result: The hero takes the short path towards the wards and attacks Centaur.


                    • #25
                      I think the pathing while chasing a hero through trees can get really wonky sometimes. For example the trees below the t1 radiant Tower. The way path finding handles this situation is somehow counter intuitive.

                      For example:
                      You chase a hero through trees. You know where the enemy hero is going. The enemy hero is in fog so you don't see him. Now if you right click behind the enemy hero on the ground your hero will often just turn around and search another path. This can ruin chases and make it really hard to get to the enemy. Right now you always have to right click right infront of your hero while chasing through trees. The chaser has the disadvantage here because the enemy can simply right click where he wants to go.

                      I think the path finding should act like this while chasing in trees: your hero goes where you clicked. If there is an obstacle the hero should at least walk up into this point. This would pretty much fix this problem. Of course I am not an expert and there are probably better options but that's just an idea.


                      • #26
                        Autoattack doesn't use full attack range of heroes. They come closer for some reasons

                        KEEP IN SHADOWS


                        • #27
                          While walking through the river to the top lane, my hero suddenly does a 180 and walks up the stairs to the heavy camp and after walking up the stairs does a 180 once again and proceeds to walk back through the heroes original path wasting about 20 seconds.

                          Match ID: 1205226986
                          Minute: 47:30 (replay not in-game)


                          • #28
                            Any possibility of messing with target selection if you're all looking into fundamental mechanics? Just about everyone prefers the precise feeling blizzards games have when boxing units. There are also strange bugs where units go under the floor and become unclickable. Select hotbox should just coincide with unit circle.

                            Anyways, I've gotten stuck in a pasting hitch around the dire ancient between the t4s but cannot reproduce it


                            • #29
                              I run into a little problem everytime I want to place a ward or cast a spell uphill when there is no ramp involved. When I am slightly out of range, the hero will just use the normal path towards the target and cast the spell/place the ward once it is in range. If you are lucky that happens along the way but most of the time the hero is just walking around the cliff instead of going one or two steps closer to it.
                              Here is a video which showcases what I mean:


                              • #30
                                I really hate when somebody is going into fogged choke paths, I click in the fog where the hero probably is, and then my hero tries to run around it instead of going in. Most noticeable at the trees between the 2 neutrals of radiant close to t1 and t2

                                +FIx microing units. the fastest units should always go infront and force the slower ones to let them pass by: Most prominent example and why he is freaking unpopular - Lone druid
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                                sigpic <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
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