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More Pathing Feedback

This is a sticky topic.
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  • More Pathing Feedback

    Thank you for all your responses to the request for pathfinding test cases. We've made some systemic changes to the pathfinder which will be in tomorrow's public test build. Some of the changes are experimental in nature, so if you could test tomorrow's build and give feedback on the pathfinding in this thread that would be very helpful.

    Thank you!

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    Previous thread link:

    @ everyone: Let's keep the thread on point and provide feedback when the patch is released instead of general chatter.


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      Can anyone tell me how big the test client is currently? I just built a new computer and I'm wondering if it's worth the download on my drive.


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        There are a bunch of issues with pathfinding involving Broodmother's web placed around cliffs. I've had spiders caught in loops of walking back and forth... not sure if that's what you're looking for here though.


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          Originally posted by nngafook View Post
          Often when I'm moving from the top rune to bottom rune, my hero gets stuck at the steps by the top rune. Video below. First half is player perspective, second half is the hero getting stuck.

          This still happens with the new patch.

          Originally posted by Noo View Post
          I reported this before and it got fixed, it was much more broken.

          You can notice Slark stopping for a very little time around the corners of the tower, easily noticeable around the dropped item and the tree.

          This as well.

          Made this video in case anyone would like to see some of the changes made to the pathing without having to download the test client.
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            I posted the suggestion to change the pathing in trees.

            i really like that you listened to this.
            if i now follow an enemy in trees and right click behind him my hero will walk until the next obstacle comes and then tries to find a new path.
            that's a really nice change and makes chasing finally more easy.
            thank you guys.


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              Reading the previous and current threads has been quite insightful. Thank you Jeff and all the contributors for looking into this issue!!!
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                I think this Techies bug is possibly pathfinding related?


                It seems like Techies may stop in a spot that's just outside the cast range of the spell. Perhaps some issue where the pathfinder thinks he's in range when he's actually not?

                If so, this should affect other spells as well... [Edit] Aha! I was able to reproduce this also with some more ground targeted spells:

                Death Prophet crypt swarm:

                Alchemist acid spray:

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                  Originally posted by DoctorGester View Post
                  Not sure if that's a bug at all, but I see this every time I'm trying to choke-point jungle, looks strange


                  Works with any camp with multiple melee units
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                    In this match: dota2://matchid=1233337669&matchtime=2713

                    At 41:40 I (the troll warlord) was just outside the mid tier 3 ramp, and right clicked to walk up the ramp, but he just stood there not moving. I assume he was waiting for the morphling to walk past, but the morphling was quite a distance away and I could have easily walked before him as you can see in the first screenshot.

                    Then when the morphling was right in front of me I right clicked up the ramp again and my hero turned around (screenshot 2) then ran down a little bit before doubling back.

                    Edit: I watched the replay from morphling's perspective, and it seems him right clicking right in front of me is what caused me to stop moving.

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                      Units are still choosing a blocked path instead of taking another one, how hard is it to fix this?


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                        I have a major problem with pathing since yesterdays update, specifically to one area on the map.
                        My example, match ID: 1232907712
                        I can't log into my account for a screenshot so I'm shamelessly stealing image just as example
                        In my example I'm ancient apparition, and more than once (I counted last night at least 4 occassions), where I right click the top of the hill (in white) and I'm pathed backwards around the trees (in white). When right clicking the bottom stairwell ground (in red), I'm correctly pathed.

                        bad pathing.jpg


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                          I noticed a pathing problem at Dire's easy camp. See this:
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                            Shouldn't pathing work based on your last known information?

                            How it currently acts:

                            1. Click on a point
                            2. Follow a path you don't have vision of
                            3. Realise the path is blocked
                            4. Take another path
                            5. Click on the same point again after you've lost vision of the first path
                            6. Go the first path again

                            If you keep clicking you'll just keep going back to the first path, realise it's blocked, change the path again, go back to the first path, repeat.

                            IMO it should just assume the path is still blocked and take another path.

                            p.s i still haven't received my free CM arcana valve why are you doing this


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