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[Confirmed] Echo Shell reflected channeling spells cancel when not-shelled unit moves

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  • [Confirmed] Echo Shell reflected channeling spells cancel when not-shelled unit moves

    Didnt find such thread, so posting a new one.
    Lets make it in pictures:
    Vengeful Spirit holds lotus orb and she uses it on a friendly Puck, then some channeling spell is being casted by enemy, lets say Pugna's ulty. They both will stay at the same hp as they did(actually pugna will be on slightly lesser hp, but thats legit) while Venge will be casting this channeling skill without any awareness. If venge moves when pugna's ulti occurs, channel will break. Venge kind of channels this spell, but that supposed to do the dummy unit, isnt it? If venge takes "stop" order or "holdposition", channel keeps going until she gets some order making her to move(however not sure about using items and skills which dont require her to change angle or move... I didnt finish the testing, but its buggy anyway.). However, if this channeling spell(whatever it is, Batrider's ulti, Pudge's ulti, Rhasta's ulty(which are breaking eah other though which is kinda possibly supposed to may be legit), Lion's mana drain, Pugna's Life Drain and whatever else could be target-channeling) kills the caster(since spell was reflected), it becomes broken. I would be able to explain what do I mean in terms of warcraft3 engine, but in dota2 its probably different so u better try it yourself.
    Oh and one more moment: if two channeling spells are being casted, only the last one will work. That means that channelling reflected spell will be probably interrupted by any reflected spell after the channeling spell reflection.
    Lotus orb also reflects Lions 1st skill(earth spike), which is in description "unit target"'ed, while Jakiro's dual breath is unit target too(according to description), but dont get reflected.

    1. Cast Echo Shell on allied unit
    2. Make an enemy cast a channeling spell on shelled ally
    3. Move around with your hero (the lotus orb owner)

    Result: When the owner moves, the reflected channeling gets canceled, even though the Echo Shell is on an an ally, not on the owner

    Expected: Channeling spell cancels when the actual reflecting hero moves, not necessarily the Lotus Orb owner.

    Last edited by bu3ny; 08-28-2015, 06:25 PM. Reason: added repro and vid

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    So how it seems to work is, the owner of the Lotus Orb is in some partial sense considered to be "casting" the reflected spell, which has 2 effects: it cancels upon movement like any channelled spell, and only 1 channeled spell can be cast at a time.

    I find it odd that it's the owner of the item and not the owner of the buff that is the "caster" (though the benefits of a drain-type spell do go to the buff owner.)
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      ^ One channel at a time is intended according to one of the updates during test client phase.
      Please, just call me buny.


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        Yeah that part makes sense.
        Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)