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[Confirmed] Double Duel bug

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  • [Confirmed] Double Duel bug

    If Legion commander has scepter and duels someone, then Rubick (without scepter) duels Legion Commander while she's dueling someone else, both duels will end when Rubick's does.

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    [Confirmed] When affected by 2 duels and one's duration expires, both end

    If you have aganim scepter on legion commander (ultimate should last till someone will die) and you cast duel on hero (who don't have aganim scepter) with lotus orb effect on - duel ends after 4/4.75/5.5 sec (depends on ultimate lvl) or after death of 1 hero.
    I know that lotus orb reflect a spell and 2x duel are going at the same time, but reflected duel should end respecting spells duration and primary aganim scepter duel should be fight to the death (if no chen in the game).


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      This is a bug with Duel in its own. When a unit is affected by 2 duels, both will end at the same time, regardless of timing.
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        Duel Legion Commander vs Lotus Orb bug?

        If you duel someone as LC and then enemy teammate casts Lotus Orb on your target AFTER you started dueling, you won't get any bonus damage for winning the duel. Is that how it's supposed to work?
        MatchId: 1473371514

        41 minute, duel on Gondar


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          Bug: When LC duel(agha) to Lina(no agha) while lotus orb is open

          When LC(with aghanim) attacks to Lina(without aghanim), while Lina got Lotus Orb activated, Both duels getting canceled after Lina's duel ends. But it goes until one of them die when Lina also got aghanim's scepter too.


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            Already known and several times reported.


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              Originally posted by EvilFin View Post
              If you duel someone as LC and then enemy teammate casts Lotus Orb on your target AFTER you started dueling, you won't get any bonus damage for winning the duel. Is that how it's supposed to work?
              MatchId: 1473371514

              41 minute, duel on Gondar
              Is it because duel buff is dispelled with lotus orb? LOL


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                Duel is undispellable. Multiple Duels just don't stack properly, when the one ends, the other gets canceled (canceled = no victory).
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                  I have just tested it. I have cast a duel, and then cast lotus orb after the duel, on the target, and then the target died, but I still have won the duel and received the bonus damage. I used Aghanim scepter in this test, if that might alter anything.


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                    Aghanim's Scepter + Lotus Orb reflected duel has wrong duration

                    Steps to reproduce:
                    1. Spawn max level Lion with Aghanim's Scepter and Lotus Orb
                    2. Spawn max level enemy Legion commander without any items
                    3. Use Lion's Lotus Orb on Lion
                    4. Cast duel on Lion
                    Actual result: Duel duration HUD display is 8 seconds but duel ends prematurely after 5.5 seconds.
                    Expected result: Reflected duel considers the target's Aghanim's Scepter and lasts 8 seconds.

                    By the way the damage part is correct, both targets are immune to outside damage. It's just the duel duration that is wrong.

                    And just for clarification, it doesn't matter if you think the Lotus Orb reflection should be scepter buffed or not. Currently it is reflecting half an Aghanim's Scepter Duel: 5.5 sec duration and immunity to outside damage.

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                      I found out that the duration of the first duel casted cannot be overwritten by an Aghanim's Duel, however the damage immunity still applies:

                      1. Spawn max level enemy Axe
                      2. Spawn max level Legion Commander
                      3. Spawn max level enemy Rubick with Aghanim's Scepter
                      4. LC duels Axe (5.5 sec)
                      5. Rubick steals Duel and uses it on Legion Commander
                      Actual result: Rubick and LC are immune to outside damage because of Rubick's Scepter, however the Duel ends prematurely after Axe targeted 5.5sec Duel ends.
                      Expected result: Rubick's Scepter Duel overwrites the duration (as can be seen in the status bar) and does not end prematurely.
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                        Already in the list.

                        Duels don't stack properly. Both end if the shorter one ends, instead of both lasting their full duration. This used to work fine for a while and got broken in some big patch.

                        This was much bigger of an issue as the aghs used to grant perma-duel.
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                        • #13
                          Well it's still a relatively big issue. With Lotus Orb you can reduce Aghanim's Scepter Legion Commander Duel duration by 2.5 seconds and this is something that can be game deciding. Also when it happens to someone, they would have no clue why the duel went that way.

                          Usually an Agh's LC would go nuts over a duel on a target with Lotus Orb to get the free +18 damage from the reflected duel without knowing that the real duel duration is 5.5 sec instead of 8 sec. And this -2.5 sec duration can easily decide if you are able to finish someone off (through disruption/banish etc) or not.

                          I don't really care too much about unlikely scenarios like Rubick using stolen duel on enemy LC who is using duel on someone else etc. but the Lotus Orb interaction needs to be fixed.
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                            @2slo4flo you actually had all the evidence to solve this question but you just can't see it. AM Scepter causes Spell Shield to passively block and reflect a targeted spell. Basically, it's a Linken Sphere + Lotus Orb. So, the case is LC Duel was blocked by Linken 1st, then AM cast Duel on LC. Hence, AM with a scepter is 8 sec Duel. There's only single Duel in this case.

                            Now, let's take a look at the Lion with Scepter and Lotus Orb case. LC without scepter Duel is 5.5 sec. When LC duel Lion, it doesn't blocked by anything, the Duel is still on. And now the Lion with Scepter and Lotus Orb will cast a 8 sec Duel on LC. In this case, it's double Duel scenario. As @bu3ny mentioned, "Duel is undispellable. Multiple Duels just don't stack properly, when the one ends, the other gets cancelled.", this is not really bug.

                            How to prove that I'm right? Get the Legion dead and you'll see at buff where AM will +18 dmg while Lion will have double +36 dmg.

                            Calling this a bug just like casting Omnislash during Omnislash. It's the algorithm. As for the HUD issue, it's the HUD issue.
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                              I don't think the current situation is intended. Aghs LC casts a duel onto a Lotus Orb'd target (the target does not wear Aghanim's Scepter) and the duel maximum duration is 5.5 seconds. Every Aghs LC player would expect an 8 second duel unless his duel is being blocked by AM aghs or linkens before being reflected. If anything the first Duel instance duration should not be overwritten and the duel should last an expected 8 seconds (as long as it is not blocked).

                              Currently the shorter duel always ends both duels. It doesn't matter if LC wears the Aghs or his Lotus Orb'd target.

                              It would be different if the first duel can't be overwritten and decides the duel duration but always using the shorter duration to end the duel is weird.
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