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[Confirmed] several abilities are castable on creep-heroes, but do not affect them

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  • [Confirmed] several abilities are castable on creep-heroes, but do not affect them

    1. Huskar's Inner Vitality

    Current: Can be cast on creep-heroes, but will not apply any of its heal, not even its base 10 hp regen bonus.

    Expected: Either it can't be cast on creep-heroes (since it does absolutely nothing on them), or it applies at least the base regen of it to them.

    2. Io's Spirits

    Current: Completely ignores Lone Druid's Spirit Bear. It neither does the collision damage like against creeps, nor do they explode when hitting it like against heroes. Treats other creep-heroes as creeps (deals collide damage, doesnt explode on them)

    Expected: For consistancy's sake, make it treat the Spirit Bear as a creep, just like other creep-heroes, so it at least applies its small damage.

    3. Nyx Assassin's Mana Burn

    Current: Can target creep-heroes, but since the ability's effects are entirely based on the target's intelligence, it does absolutely nothing against them.

    Expected: Can't target creep-heroes.

    4. Phantom Assassin's Blur

    Current: Reacts on creep-heroes just like how it does on heroes (hides from minimap), except against Visage's Familiars.

    Expected: Some sort of consistancy. Either make it not react on creep-heroes, or keep the current and make it also react on Visage's Familiars, since they are creep-heroes as well.

    5. Puck's Illusory Orb

    Current: Illusory Orb deals no damage against the Spirit Bear. It does damage other creep-heroes.

    Expected: Illusory Orb damages Spirit Bear just like any other creep-hero.

    6. Rubick's Spell Steal

    Current: Can target creep-heroes but does absolutely nothing, since none of their spells are ever stealable.

    Expected: Can't target creep-heroes.

    7. Spectre's Spectral Dagger

    Current: Can be directly cast on creep-heroes, but it does not home them and does not attach a shadow path, like when targeting heroes. It only damages them like regular creeps.

    Expected: Make it unable to directly target creep-heroes (should still apply its regular damage when hit).

    8. Wraith King's aghs upgrade Wraith Delay aura

    Current: Places buff on creep-heroes, but does absolutely nothing

    Expected: Make it unable to place the buff on creep-heroes. This is more of a visual/player information fix.

    9. Dark Troll Summoner's Raise Dead (skeleton spawning ability)

    Current: Counts the corpses of spirit bear/warlock golem/primal split spirits, but does not count the corpses of Familiars

    Expected: Counts the corpses of Familiars, too and is able to raise skeletons from them.

    10. Bottle/Enchanted Mango CTRL ally targeting

    Current: Can target allied creep-heroes, but applies the bottle charge/the mango to self.

    Expected: Either make them unable to target creep-heroes, or make them apply their effects on the targeted creep-hero instead of to self.

    11. Lotus Orb's Echo Shell

    Current: Can be cast on creep-heroes, placing the buff, but it does not reflect any spell.

    Expected: Either make it unable to target creep-heroes, or make it reflect spells properly for creep-heroes.

    12. Maim of Sange, Heaven's Halberd, Silver Edge and Sange & Yasha

    Current: Maim does not work against the Spirit Bear, but works against all other creep-heroes.

    Expected: Either make it work against the Spirit Bear, or make it unable to affect any creep-hero.
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    reflection bug

    1.Pick warlock
    2.bring golem
    3.bring vengeful
    4.use lotus orb on golem
    5.let vengful use stun on golem
    Result:The skill will not be reflected to vengeful
    Expected:skill should be reflected to vengful

    This bug can be use on primal split too when you use lotus orb on storm or fire