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[Confirmed] Lifestealer not getting selected when using consume from the creep

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  • [Confirmed] Lifestealer not getting selected when using consume from the creep

    1. Dominate a unit as N'aix
    2. Use Infest and Control on another unit
    3. Select the Controlled and Dominated unit
    4. Use Consume while having both selected

    Result: N'aix does not get auto-selected when having multiple units selected upon using Consume from the infested creep.

    Expected: Just like when having no other unit selected, Lifestealer should get selected regardless of how many units already are selected.

    this is obviously a bug because we should not be forced to manually select naix after consuming a creep
    Last edited by bu3ny; 10-19-2015, 02:17 PM. Reason: added repro and video

  • #2
    I cant repro this still. It selected all 3 for me either way.
    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      hm this is very puzzling , it's 100% repeatable for me !
      would it be due to different game settings ?
      do you have "autoselect summoned units" activated ???
      this started to be a problem after they fixed the previous shard golem owner bug

      edit: I just test it again : still the same !
      (autoselect summoned units" activated)

      could someone else also test it ???
      Last edited by yorkie6632; 06-08-2015, 10:03 AM.


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        I just found another way to reproduce the bug , I know now the origine of the bug.
        The problem comes from the fact that consume damage and shard golem spawn (occurs at the same time as the damage) are instant (the damage in dota 1 is not instant by the way) but naix will appears 0.1 sec later. Actually consume doesn't force the auto-selection of naix , but it just do it because either you already have naix as selected unit (typically when casting consume directly from naix spells) or because the only unit you have selected is the infested (and already controled) creep that will cast consume and die (and if you lose any selection the default hero will be auto selected). In our case, the shard golem are selected before naix spawn and there is no need to reselect the hero as we already have a valid selection.
        However what about if you already have selected another controlled unit , for exemple a creep that you dominated with "helm of the Dominator" and you cast consume from the creep spells ? If my theory is true naix will spawn but will not be selected. And this should be true for all type of infested units not only the shard golem.

        how to do it:

        1 buy HoD
        2 dominated a creep
        3 infest another creep (doesn't matter what type)
        4 take the control of the infested creep
        5 select both the infested creep and the dominated creep but not naix itself (only 2 selected units)
        6 cast consume from the infested unit spells
        : naix will spawn but the only remaining selected unit is the dominated (hod target) creep and not naix

        buny : I think i know why you are able to select the 3 units , 2 possibilities : maybe cause when you cast consume from the infested mud golem unit you probably already have a double selection of this unit and naix itself. Try to reproduce it with only the infested mud golem unit selected.
        or you have an important game lag so that the selection of the new shard golems is retarded and the absence of unit selection force the hero selection . however in this case you should still be able to reproduce the second bug when dominating a creep by hod

        at the end this is probably not a bug but just a forgotten mechanistic and i strongly recommend to add a forced naix autoselection after consume cast.
        Last edited by yorkie6632; 06-15-2015, 05:20 AM.


        • #5
          I see, so this is not related to the mud golems, it happens with any creeps.

          Please, just call me buny.