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[Confirmed] Hill Troll Priest's Heal ignores/overrides other orders when on autocast

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  • [Confirmed] Hill Troll Priest's Heal ignores/overrides other orders when on autocast

    1. Convert Hill Troll Priest
    2. Turn on autocast heal
    3. Take a couple hundred damage on hill troll priest
    4. While he is still damage, try to move the priest with only one click.

    Result: Priest will move one step before becoming entranced with his autocast heal and standing in place until he is full health again. When he is finished healing himself to full, he will just stand in the same spot instead of finally moving to the targeted location.

    Expected result: Priest will move to the target you told him to move, and then begin to autocast heal again when he has arrived.

  • #2
    This affects Doom as well. Heal should not be cast when other orders are currently being executed. As a neutral unit, the priest should prioritise healing over anything else. As a player-controlled unit, or on Doom/Rubick after Devour/Spell Steal, it should only get cast when having no other orders currently.

    This is how the heal should work: When setting on auto-cast, it starts healing the closest nearby ally if it has no other current orders. Besides this, it should also stick to that ally and heal it until it is at full health or is ordered to stop. It should not swap heal targets after everey heal. This goes for auto-cast selected target and manually selected target. If you order it to heal a unit, it should heal it until full or ordered to stop. This is how it works in DotA1, and it is really great that way.
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    • #3
      Isn't that the general behaviour for autocast spells? I know for an fact that ogre magi will cancel everything (except channelling spells like tp) to cast bloodlust.


      • #4
        ^ Heal worked just fine a few weeks ago. Something broke. Heal is a 0.5 second cooldown spell. It literally cancels your orders every 0.5 seconds, which is terribly bad and makes auto-cast unusable. Ogre's Bloodlust is only used on allied heroes and only if they don't have the buff, so it doesn't happen very often. Lich only uses his armor on allied heroes who get attacked, so it doesn't happen often either.
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        • #5
          I didn't question that it would be annoying or make the skill less usable, I just wanted to point out that it match the general autocast behaviour. I wasn't aware that it changed recently for the hill troll. Are the heal, bloodlust and frost armour the only remaining active abilities that can be set on autocast? I assume death pact, enfeeble, surge and dark ritual can't be autocast in dota 2?


          • #6
            Only those 3 are auto-castable. Ice Armor only includes Lich's Ice Armor. The Ice Armor of the Ogre Frostmage is not auto-castable (despite them being basically the same spell).
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