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Weawers third(orb effect) stacking with lifesteal(helm of dominator)

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  • Weawers third(orb effect) stacking with lifesteal(helm of dominator)

    So i was playing a game 3-4 minutes ago and noticed this...

    Weawer had a helm of dominator and both his third and lifesteal worked :S

    As i recall that was not the case in dota 1.

  • #2
    did the second hit proc and lifestealed?


    • #3
      Originally posted by radaw0w View Post
      did the second hit proc and lifestealed?
      no, it doesnt, he lies


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        Originally posted by radaw0w View Post
        did the second hit proc and lifestealed?
        It doesn't matter both the first and second attack cant lifesteal
        The first is orb effect and buff placer and the second is orb effect in D1 and it should be in D2
        My English is not great and i know it


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          Geminite attack is orb effect only when it triggers.


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            actually the tooltip of Geminate Attack doesn't tell us whether it is Unique Attack Modifier or not, not sure if it is a change or just a tooltip issue

            but if it is, then this
            Originally posted by Lama051 View Post
            Geminite attack is orb effect only when it triggers.
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              Yes orb effect table has been changed, you're a few months late to the party, see my sig for the new priority.
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                so what is the conclusion?
                we can use lifesteal when geminate is not triggered?
                In dota1, as far as I remember, orbs blocked geminate attack..


                • #9
                  its kinda imba, I liked dota's 1 system of ONLY 1 orb pero hero and for weaver, if you bought an orb item, blocks the geminate
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                  • #10
                    normal attack = orb item
                    geminate = shoots but no orb effect


                    • #11
                      Don't really like, I want the old non-orb Weaver. In late-game, the orb would be useless anyway, for the attack speed. Except for desolator, which would lead to *some* imbalance.


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                        Originally posted by Rainer View Post
                        It doesn't matter both the first and second attack cant lifesteal
                        The first is orb effect and buff placer and the second is orb effect in D1 and it should be in D2
                        The whole "buff placer" limit mechanic seems to be gone in dota 2, a single ranged attack is able to apply any number of status effects as well as crit, bash and truestrike at the same time. It's most likely even intended, considering it's not mentioned in any tooltips.


                        • #13
                          The non-stacking orb+geminate in dota 1 was WC3 limitation, and actual dota2 footage is intend.

                          Also dont know why dont it triggers criticals/bash, since theyre not orb, and this is good for weaver and same time not OP/unballanced.

                          Im not beign extreme.
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                          • #14
                            Guys this issue is dicussed in detail in the orbs thread for months already.

                            Long story short, geminate is only an orb when it procs, so it can be used with other orbs now. The same goes for crit, bash, truestrike, all these things work together properly now as intended, like truestrike with Sniper's headshot.
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                              attackmodifiers working on breaking windwalk
                              I'm not sure about this one. In Dota 1 it used to be that Attack Modifiers don't work when breaking Windwalk as long as your Ranged. It always worked when your a melee. I'm sure that gemini attack still doesn't trigger when breaking windwalk in Dota 2.

                              Also is sniper's ultimate being dodgeable by invisibility a intended fix?
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