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[Fixed] Soul Ring does not work properly with Witch Doctor's Voodoo Restoration

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  • [Fixed] Soul Ring does not work properly with Witch Doctor's Voodoo Restoration

    Summary: Voodoo Restoration will make use of Witch Doctor's Normal Mana pool instead of the extra 150 given by soul ring. For example, at level 1, I have 312 mana. I pop Soul ring, bringing me to 462 mana for 10 seconds. I turn on Voodoo Restoration for 10 seconds, which costs 105 mana (25 + 8*10). So I should not have even used up the full mana from Soul Ring. But when Soul Ring Wears out, I'm left with 242 mana, instead of still having full mana. The 25 mana initial cost uses the Soul Ring Buffer, but the 80 Mana to upkeep it for 10 seconds does not and takes from the main mana pool instead.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Pick Witch Doctor, Level up Voodoo Restoration.
    2) Buy Soul Ring
    3) Pop Soul Ring and Turn on Voodoo Restoration for 10 seconds, which should only burn 105 out of the 150 mana buffer.

    The Mana upkeep ignores the Soul Ring Buffer, and you are left with less then full mana despite not having even used the full mana buffer.

    Expected Result:
    You should still have full mana when Soul Ring Wears out.

    Unless there is some "Does not apply to Mana Drain over time" Exception I'm Unaware of.
    Last edited by Drkirby; 01-09-2012, 10:11 AM.

  • #2
    Bumping this to so it gets seen.


    • #3
      intreasted if the same thing happens when you cats 2 spells in a row with another hero, since it Voodoo Restoration used the initial 25 mana but not the rest


      • #4
        No, it seems to only happen for spells that have Mana over time components, which are minimal.


        • #5
          Still working improperly in the current version.


          • #6
            And yet to be acknowledged by valve or forum staff.


            • #7
              Good post. This will have ramifications with future mana channeling abilities as well - best to be fixed now


              • #8
                Anther patch, still not fixed or commented on.


                • #9
                  This still hasn't been fixed.


                  • #10
                    helping to bump, serious bug you found over here
                    DotA 2 Hero Suggestion.

                    The Forsaken Acolyte, On DotA2 Battlefield.


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                      Was added to the sticky a long time ago, just didn't put an acknowledgement here. #9 Low in the list.
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                      • #12
                        This is huge! Especially on Io who gets a soul ring with the intention of using it for Overcharge


                        • #13
                          Just played witch doctor, and this is not fixed yet. Yo?


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by darklordabc View Post
                            Just played witch doctor, and this is not fixed yet. Yo?
                            Yeah, there's hundreds of bugs to fix, and this one is quite minor. (Soul ring is almost never built on WD and if WD casts any other spell during the soul ring duration, it becomes a moot point.) Gameplay impacting bug, yes, but there are priorities.

                            That being said, I'm curious if this impacts Leshrac's ultimate as well...? Not that anyone builds a soul ring on leshrac either of course.


                            • #15
                              Thats quite annoying, I imagine soul ring would be pretty helpful if this bug wasnt here.