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[Confirmed] Solar crest on-self effect

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  • [Confirmed] Solar crest on-self effect

    Pre 6.85 upon cast of Solar crest or Medallion, those items applied a self-debuff removing armor (and evasion) from self. It was possible to dispel this debuff with activation of Manta, Huskar's Life Break, Legion's Press the Attack etc (for example - cast medallion on enemy, cast Life Break = enemy has -7 armor, but the self -7 armor debuff is dispelled by spell immunity from life break leaving you with same armor as if you have not casted medallion) . Now, in 6.85 the -armor and evasion debuff is no longer displayed in the status tray, and therefore cannot be removed by either dispels or spell-immunity.

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    Medallion still works properly and gives you a self-debuff that can be dispelled.

    So the bug only present with Solar Crest.


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      Can somebody tell me if this is a bug or an intended change that was not documented in the patch note?


      • #4
        aaactually.. it seems like that Solar Crest is not placing the self-debuff at all. Yes this definitely is a bug.
        Please, just call me buny.


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          Yes, it does not place the self-debuff, but the armor is still removed. I do not think that this is working as intended, as 1 - this was not mentioned in a patch note, and 2 - medallion still works the same way as in 6.84, and it is my understanding that both medallion and solar crest should be essentially identical in their mechanics.


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            Nono, your armor is not removed, nor do you lose the evasion. The self-debuff is fully missing.

            EDIT: Ooh, I see the issue now... It seems like it is now based on the cooldown of your item. but why.. It makes no sense.

            Your armor is lost for the spell's cooldown, instead of the 7 seconds. This means when you have octarine, you lose evasion and armor for 5.25 seconds, instead of 7. If you refresh the cooldown, you instantly gain your armor and evasion back. This is also why it didn't reduce armor for me as I tried it, because I had WTF mode on. This is bad. Why are they making this mechanical changes without any notes or anything. Not only is the tooltip now wrong ("shine duration: 7"), it also turned undispellable and the buff icon on self is gone.

            It is also inconsistant with Medallion of Courage now.

            why is this a thing now
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              Those are exactly my thoughts! And now Solar crest looses its potential completely for heroes like slark/lc/huskar. Thank you for doing a more deep examination of the issue. Do you think that this change was intended and just not mentioned in patchnotes or is it actually a bug?


              • #8
                other bug is:
                if you have two solar crest in inventory, you lose 20 armor upon use
                if you have one solar crest and one medallion, you lose 17 armor
                but the same is not true if you use medallion instead solar crest

                sorry for my english I tried my best


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                  Wow, that's huge. I haven't even thought about it.... So I assume that this is definitely a bug. Thanks for contribution.


                  • #10
                    The armor and evasion loss are directly bound to the cooldown. This is why when you use 1 Solar Crest, you lose the armor/evasion from all of them. This is also why you lose them when you use medallion, since it shares cooldown with Solar Crest.
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                    • #11
                      Solar Crest debuff on self not purged by magic immunity.

                      In the original dota client Solar Crest would place a debuff on you when cast on an enemy/allied hero. In Dota 2 Reborn it no longer places a debuff on your hero at all. The Solar Crest debuff still occurs but is only visible by looking at your armor value, and when huskar leap/bkb is used you do not remove the invisible debuff. Medallion however still shows a debuff and the self debuff is removed by huskar leap/bkb.


                      • #12
                        Multiple Solar Crests turn off when one of them used

                        When you have 3 medallions of courage and use one - you get -7 amror, while when you have 3 solar crests and use one - you get -30 armor.
                        Volvo fix plz.