This was only fixed for SoF into Activate Fire Remnant. Other sources of forced movement are still fully ignored (e.g. blinks and teleports).

1. Cast Sleight of Fist
2. Cast Blink during Sleight of Fist

1. Let ally cast a teleport on you (e.g. kotl's Recall)
2. cast Sleight of Fist so that the tp finishes during it

Result: Ember Spirit gets moved properly, but Sleight of Fist doesn't give a duck. It's not canceled in any way. Only Activate Fire Remnant can cancel it.

Expected: When getting moved during Sleight of Fist, the spell gets canceled.

This currently makes it much harder to escape with Blink Dagger and very difficult to time it with an allied tp. It would be really an improvement for Ember Spirit. An allied KOTL could attempt tp Ember Spirit to savety and Ember could ensure that the tp doesn't get interrupted by damage.