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[C] Chakra Magic and Time Dilation don't work properly with charge-based spells

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  • [C] Chakra Magic and Time Dilation don't work properly with charge-based spells

    Time Dilation's behavior with charge-based spells is really bad. It either does nothing at all, or causes charge-based spells to desynchronize with their charges.

    Chakra Magic doesn't affect charge-based spells at all (in regular matches), but does react on them. The cooldown reduction triggers when using charge-based spells, so that it's used up, but it doesn't reduce the recharge time at all. It gets fully wasted. If you have -wtf/free spells mode on, it does reduce the cooldown when used while at 0 charges, so that the spell itself is ready before a charge is.

    Repro (Time Dilation):
    1. Pick any hero which has a charge-based spell and an create an enemy void
    2. Use up all charges on the spell, so the "cooldown" gets displayed
    3. Get hit by enemy Time Dilation
    4. Wait until having 1 charge again

    Result: Time Dilation pauses the "cooldown", causing it to desync with the recharge timer. The actual recharge timer is unaffected.

    Expected result: If a charge is recharging, Time Dilation should increase its recharge time as well.

    Repro (Chakra Magic):
    1. Pick any hero which has a charge-based spell and an create an allied Kotl
    2. Have the Kotl cast Chakra Magic on you
    3. Use your charge-based spell once.
    4. Check its recharge time and compare it to a cast without Chakra Magic

    Result: Chakra Magic did nothing to the recharge time at all. But it did use up its cooldown reduction, so if you'd use another spell, that spell does not have its cooldown reduced. If you do this in -wtf mode, and use up your last charge, it does reduce the cooldown, but not the recharge time, so that the spell is ready before a charge is ready.

    Expected result: Chakra Magic should affect charge-based spells, reducing their recharge time.

    PS: The cooldown that appears when using up all charges should always equal the remaining recharge time of the next charge. It should not be affected by anything.

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    Please, just call me buny.

  • #2
    Time Dilation with Kaolin stone placement.

    I tought that Time Dilation freezes only spells that have cooldowns, therefore it shouldn't stop Earth Spirit stone placement. Stone placement has charges but dilation still stops it, which doesn't make no sense.
    I just read tooltips on void gamepedia and i still think something is not right here.
    Can anyone comfirm this is intended?


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      Just rechecked replay inslowmo, the problem was that void used dilation when my first stone was about to recharge(talking in milliseconds here) so it went on cd but it showed i could use it too. It is kind of glitch when you try to tp to fountain before you die and enemy kills you but your dead body still tps to fountain. Same thing happened here, two actions occurred at the same time. All god i guess.


      • #4
        ^ You can't compare it to the tp thing at all, as the tp thing has a big enough time frame. Also the timing doesn't matter. If your charge-based spell is on the cooldown after having used the last charge, the cooldown freezes while the recharge time continues normally, so after you have charge ready again, the icon is still on cooldown.
        Please, just call me buny.