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[C] Riki ulti/Phase Shift/Sandstorm interaction with items which dont break channel

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  • [C] Riki ulti/Phase Shift/Sandstorm interaction with items which dont break channel

    There are several abilities and items which do not cancel channeling spells upon cast (e.g. all windwalks, or Shiva's Guard, or Armlet, etc). However, they do cancel the effects of Tricks of the Trade, Phase Shift and Sandstorm. They properly do not cancel the channeling itself, but all other effects are canceled.

    1. Pick Riki, Puck or Sand King and level up Tricks of the Trade/Phase Shift/Sand Storm
    2. Get a Shiva's Guard
    3. Cast Tricks of the Trade/Phase Shift/Sand Storm
    4. While the ability is channeling, cast Shiva's Guard

    Result: Tricks of the Trade's or Phase Shift's effects are fully canceled, but the channeling is not. This means riki is no longer hidden and no longer does his attacks every second, and Puck is no longer hidden, but they keep of channeling until canceled. As for Sand Storm, it is fully canceled, including the channeling.

    Expected result: Since Shiva's Guard does not cancel any channeling spells, the effects of of those 2 spells should continue. They should only stop when the channeling itself stops. Sand Storm should not be canceled either.

    Probable way to fix this: So obviously, right now, those 2 spells check if the casters receive any orders. If an order is received, they cancel their effects. Instead of reacting on orders give, the effects could only react on the channeling itself. If the unit is channeling, keep all effects up. If the channeling stops for whatever reason, make the effects stop. As for Sandstorm, I don't know how it works or why it disobeys the general channeling rule. It's the only channeled ability which gets canceled by not-canceling stuff.

    It works properly with all other channeling spells. Here, a comparison between some other channeling spells, and the named 3.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Riki + Armlet = Stopped

    Riki's Ultimate (TRICKS OF TRADES) is a channeling ability. and armlet is an item that doesn't stop the channeling abilities when activated.

    But when Riki ultimate activated and you toggle the armlet, its doesn't work it will be stopped. riki will just float in the air. with the armlet animation triggered but the trick of trades was stopped. (not hitting anybody)

    so i hope this will be fixed sooner or later thanks. this is very crucial thanks. hope seeing this fixed..


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        Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
        thanks for making this so they can see