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[Brewmaster]Primal Split Earth gets stuck when Primal Split splits during knockbacks

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  • [Brewmaster]Primal Split Earth gets stuck when Primal Split splits during knockbacks


    Today while playing Brewmaster, multiple times during the game my Earth Sprit from Primal Split would get stuck in the ground right after split. Once this resulted in my rapier dropping. Unfortunately I do not have acess to Dota right now to get times during the replay but the Match ID is 2265987683. It may have something to do with it getting hit with deafening blast directly after split.


    When Primal Split's cast finishes during non-disabling knockback effects, the Earth spirit gets stuck on Brewmaster, so that it cannot move for the entire duration.

    1. Get hit by Deafening Blast
    2. During the knockback, cast Primal Split
    3. Be sure to time it so that the split finishes while still being knocked back.

    Result: Earth cannot move and is stuck.

    Expected: No stuck spirits.

    One possible way to solve this would be to make Primal Split cancel any movement effects as the split finishes, and then make its own movement effect uninterruptible.

    Last edited by bu3ny; 06-05-2017, 11:38 AM. Reason: added repro and vid

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    Uhm, are you sure? I watched that part and you ordered all 3 spirits ot attack the tower, then the primal split end and you ordered your hero to attack the rax, then invoker and techies killed you with tornado, emp, blast and aremote mine.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Yes, very sure. An example is at the fight that happens at 1:27:40 where I split out of the tornado, got hit by deafening blast while I did, and could not move the earth split. I ended up turning and attack because I had no chance of getting away. You can see the split trying to move and being stuck on the spot.


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          Brewmaster Earth Spirit not moving

          Took a short video happened to me twice in my game, it was working fine then all of a sudden it just wouldn't move.

          Match ID 2277096762


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            Happens when Primal Split finishes casting while being moved

            So it's not with Deaf blast only. The most common ways are Deafening Blast, Boulder Smash, Geo Grip, Meat Hook and aghs upgraded Ghostship.

            Cannot happen with Force Staff and Blinding Light, because they last too short (split takes 0.6 seconds, while they last 0.4).

            Also technically possible with Rolling Boulder, Activate Fire Remnant, Tether, Waveform, Icarus Dive, Sun Ray, Pounce, Charge of Darkness and Ball Lightning (currently only doable with Rubick)
            Please, just call me buny.


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              Brewmaster Primal Split bug

              There is a bug when using Primal Split after brewmaster has been hit by Aghanims upgraded Gush from Tidehunter as well as max level deafening blast by Invoker. The earth brewling will be stuck and unable to move if the gush is applied, then the deafening blast followed by the activation of Primal Split. The bug was discovered in-game, but is easily reproduced in a lobby.

              Match ID: 2474816161

              In-game time: 50:50


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                Known bug. Merged with older thread
                Please, just call me buny.


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                  Fixed pls valve, old bug!


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                    Brewmaster gets blocked by his pandas


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                      Brew Ult + Axe call bug

                      If Axe Blinks and uses Call mid brews ultimate, the main bear is unable to move during the durations of the ultimate, but it can use the stun
                      Happened once, in the game but cost a life
                      game id 2515032453


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                        got stuck at middle map when I use ulti while got deafening blast



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                          A bug in Dota2

                          I miss a bug in dota2.
                          ID DU MATCH is  2669829337
                          DATE/HEURE DU MATCH is 2016/9/25/21:13

                          Bug time in the game is 0:25:00.
                          Bug is my Pandaren Brewmaster (Earth Panda)can not move after I used  my ult.
                          Last edited by ggilaster; 09-26-2016, 01:27 AM.


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                            Brewmaster Primal Split bug

                            This is a glitch where the Earth Spirit get stuck in place, it happened twice to me in the same match, both times during the disarm of Deafening Blast.
                            I could boulder toss but not move. Is this a known issue? Just thought I'd throw it out there.

                            Game ID 3002358022 at 38:40 and 41:15 (Never mind my performance).


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                              Brewmaster Earth Spirit stuck when Weaver casts The Swarm

                              Brewmaster's Earth Spirit is unable to move if Weaver casts The Swarm and Beatles are still active prior to Brewmaster using Primal Split.

                              Match ID 3002781868