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[Confirmed] Tiny Toss and Spirit Breaker Charge

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  • [Confirmed] Tiny Toss and Spirit Breaker Charge

    Today in a match, there was a team fight in mid. Tiny on our team tried to throw a friendly hero at the enemy team, however the enemy spirit breaker was charging through to us right at this moment. This is where the bug occurred. Spirit Breaker was able to knock back the thrown hero while it was in the air, also causing the thrown hero not to land at the directed spot and dealing no damage to the units around the area the hero fell. Is this intentional or a bug?

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    I don't think this is intended. Totally a bug.
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      This has happend to me as well. I think at the time it is a bug, for example when a hero who has a leap (mirana) jumps and gets stuck on top of a tree and you cannot target her.
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        It seems to happen if you deafening blast a unit that tiny has thrown at you, too. I don't think it did damage and it definitely deflected the thrown hero. I'll link a replay later. Cool and imo should totally be accepted as a valid technique, but probably just a bug.


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          Same thing happens with units hooked, and units that are force staffed.


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            bumping this, also happens with impale-based ability
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              how about Kunka's torrent and Magus' Telekinesis?


              • #8
                happened with huskar too


                • #9
                  Isn't this intended? Repositioning spells override each other.


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