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Techies Blast Off - From Base(Ancient) to Opponent T1 Tower (Crossing the MID river)

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  • Techies Blast Off - From Base(Ancient) to Opponent T1 Tower (Crossing the MID river)

    I am first time here so apology for any mistakes...

    I was playing techies against dark seer.. when I tried to blast off I was vacuum(ed) by ish'kafel. However that happens to be throwing me to the opponent T1 tower.
    I think this is kind of bug.
    This was a Turbo Match // id :5576392694
    Time of bug : 22 min 40 sec (around) of replay time.

    I have some pictures annex to the mail.

    Please feel free to notify me if it is solved.
    Thank you very much for the efforts.

    Attached Files

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    I've just done some research into this after coming across it as well - here is a video demo of bug reproduction. Steps are:

    - Have Techies start casting Blast Off
    - Interrupt the cast animation (before take-off) with a disable that doesn't cancel orders
    - Have Techies cast Focused Detonate while disabled
    - After the disable, Techies will resume Blast Off, targeting (0, 0)

    Notably, this bug is already present in the "Known Bugs" megathread for Remote Mines & Stasis Trap, but needs either adding for Blast Off, or changing to be a general Techies bug, since it appears to apply to any of his spells with cast points. The bug is potentially abuseable - it allows an allied Techies + Bane/SD/OD pair to set up Remote Mine stacks in mid without ever setting foot there, or just make one heck of a mid gank with global range Blast Off.

    I suspect this is something to do with how Focused Detonate gets placed at the front of the order queue if cast while disabled, instead of replacing the existing order. You can see this by actually using it to blow up mines during the above steps - the mines will explode before Techies continues Blast Off. Perhaps the successful casting of Focused Detonate clears the Blast Off's targeting co-ordinates somehow, causing it to target (null, null) and resolve to (0, 0).

    (Edited to remove some inaccurate info about Focused Detonate!)
    Last edited by ExplodingCow; 09-30-2020, 03:52 PM.