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Ban for 6 months and rating spread in MM games

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  • Ban for 6 months and rating spread in MM games

    I am writing to you with a problem about an unfair ban and too wide a spread in the rating in MM games.
    And so, let's start with the rating spread, my solo rating is 4800 MMR (divine 1), and the matchmaking range was 2000 ~ MMR, I played with players both the immortal rank 1500 (7000 ~ MMR) and with 3000 ~ MMR players. I have no idea what this is connected with, but most likely with low decency, but this is not a reason to make such a huge range of matchmaking. When I played with low-rated players, they did not like that as a player with a higher rating, I played many times better and I had a concept of the game many times better than theirs, I did not feed like them, I understood how to move around the map and what to collect, of course they did not like it and they reported me, is it fair? As a result of playing with players with a low rating, I got a red ban warning sign (again), and as a result, I got low priority and 7 days ban. After I was thrown to the players of the immortal rank 1500 (7000 ~ MMR) and similar players, and in the last game where there was a rating spread of 1000 ~ MMR, I was thrown to the players who refuse to play, and as a result, only (alchemist) and 1 more human (bristleback), the others just did nothing and we had to play and end the game in two. After this game, I was banned for 6 months. Fair ban? Right? Two people played for five, and those three who did not play threw reports at me, because I pinged at them that they were just standing AFK

    My steam profile:
    My steam ID: 354957568

    Here is the match itself

    Here is my games story

    There were 1 month and 9 days left before my account was unbanned, and I remembered that in Steam support I was offered to contact here with this problem. So, I was wondering if you can somehow speed up the unbanning of my account, which was banned for essentially no reason? Or rather, even because of your fault, because I was forced to play with players whose rating is several times lower than mine.

    Here is an example of a game with a large rating spread
    My team
    Sky Mage 2pos - titan
    Treant 4pos - divine 3
    Bane 5 pos - immoral 1489 rank (7000~ mmr)
    Void Spirit 3 pos titan
    Im on AM 1pos divne (4700~)

    Enemy team
    Dazzle - immortal
    Jugger - immortal 2027 rank
    Oracle - divine 3
    Phantom Lancer - divine 5
    Templar Assasin - divine 1