Pudge's Dismember and Shadow Shaman's Shackles used to grant True Sight over the target. But since a small patch after 6.86, they no longer do that.

Bane's Fiend's Grip and Earth Spirit's Enchant Remnant had lost theirs, too, but those 2 got fixed.

1. Pick Pudge or Shadow Shaman and level up Dismember or Shackles
2. Create an enemy Bounty Hunter and level up Shadow Walk
3. Give Dismember or Shackles cast order on Bounty Hunter
4. During their cast times, cast Shadow Walk with Bounty Hunter

Result: Bounty Hunter will be invisible. Dismember/Shackles do not provide True Sight over him.

Expected: Dismember and Shackles should provide True Sight over the target for their full duration.