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[Confirmed] [Visage] Familiars get stuck on map boundries

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  • [Confirmed] [Visage] Familiars get stuck on map boundries

    I believe this is a regression from patch:,_2016_Patch

    Familiars have an odd pathing/collision mechanic where they can push each other around.
    I believe they are getting pushed 'off-map' and unintentionally getting stuck due, to flying movement changes to boundries in 09/20/2016 bug patch.

    Originally posted by Youtube Description
    Using stoneform fixes this, since they get pushed back into the map.
    00:09 - Familiar gets pushed off map.
    00:20 - All familiars are given move order, but the 'off-map' familiar is stuck. You can see it is being given move orders, since the wings are flapping to mouse clicks, and the turning a bit.
    00:30 - Stoneform cast. 'off-map' familiar is pushed back into the map, within boundries.
    00:38 - On wake-up, familiar is given move order with other familiars and is now unstuck.

  • #2
    This happens because of the game's "anti-stuck" mechanic. If 2 units are overlapping each others (their collision radiuses overlap), then the game pushes them apart so that they don't overlap anymore. This prevents units from getting stuck on each other.

    Flying units follow that mechanic as well. And since flying units are basically collision-free, it happens veeery often. If you have 2 birds overlapping each other, moving one of them causes the other one to get pushed slightly away.

    It's basically the same bug which allowed flying units to leave map boundaries with directional move (like Broodmother in her webs), which got fixed. Just like how directional move used to, this unti-stuck pushing system ignores unpathable areas for flying units. The same fix which was applied for directional move needs to be applied to this as well.
    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      Visage Familiars Bugs

      Cant move while familliars near cliff...

      I dont know how to post... but if you try move familliars near edge cliff... its stuck until its using stone skill. please fix it.


      • #4
        Visage's familiars sometimes stuck when flying at the edge of the map

        Visage's familiars sometimes stuck at the edge of the map.

        Always have to use stone form to unstuck them.


        • #5
          Confirming this


          • #6
            Visage birds getting stuck on the walls in both Dire and Radiant base

            Hi all,

            I was playing Visage and trying to do sneaky bird tricks and found that my birds got stuck on the walls in base. (see picture for location)

            Once stuck they cannot move out of their position but if you use their Q stone form they will drop back into bounds and be able to move around again.visage stuck birds.png

            I was able to reproduce this bug fairly easily by moving the birds along the wall.



            • #7
              Happens to me every game I play Visage.


              • #8
                Visage familiar got stuck in the trees/terrain

                I was playing as Visage and a familiar got stuck in the trees/terrain

                Steam Profile Link

                Match ID 2860750930

                Happened at around 41:09-41:25


                • #9
                  Visage familiars sticking to side of map

                  I've noticed an annoying bug where Visage his familars stick to side of the map when i move them there.



                  • #10
                    Yup i agree this should be fixed and is really annoying when it happends.


                    • #11
                      Familiar Visage Bug

                      This is my video how familiar visage stuck at cliff... every time familiar stuck, we should using skill stone form in order to move that familiar... This bug has been more than 3 months...

                      I cant Upload Attach file coz this video more then 10mb...

                      hope u can watch my video in my youtube here :


                      Please Fix It.. T.T


                      • #12
                        GG still no fix


                        • #13
                          Visage's familiar bug

                          Hi, I've discovered a bug with visage's familiar. As rarely anyone plays visage, no one seems to notice this bug. It happens when you move the familiars to the edge of the map (like behind the fountain), Usually one of the familiars will be stuck there. While not really game-breaking since you can just cast the stone form to get out. Sometimes it just really bugs me when you are not observant, bringing only 1 familiar to the fight. Please kindly fix this bug, I love this hero (and buff him more xD).


                          • #14
                            I cri evrytiem


                            • #15
                              I honestly don't mind this, but i mind them getting one-shotted by AOE spells.