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[Confirmed] Bug with Illusions Crafting Locked Items from Backpack

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  • [Confirmed] Bug with Illusions Crafting Locked Items from Backpack

    When a hero has all necessary items to complete a larger item, but one is locked and in backpack, when that hero spawns an illusion the illusion will craft the item instead of leaving the component locked. This bug does not occur if all items are in the backpack, or if at least 1 component is in the standard inventory and locked.

    1: buy one component of a larger item
    2: put this component in the backpack
    3: buy the rest of the components
    4: use any illusion spawning skill or ability

    The illusion will craft the item and the team is alerted that this player now has this item.

    I believe that the items should stay locked in the backpack when an illusion is summoned, instead of unlocking and then crafting. It can be very annoying when this bug occurs on someone like phantom lancer, when every time he procs an illusion your team is alerted that he completed an item.

    A few pictures of the bug in action can be found here:

  • #2
    It works without the backpack as well. It depends on item order.

    If the locked component is in the top left inventory slot, it does not combine when spawning illus. If the locked component is after all other components, then it does combine.

    Inventory slot order is like this:

    1. Top left
    2. Top mid
    3. Top right
    4. Bot left
    5. Bot mid
    6. Bot right
    7.Backpack top
    8.Backpack mid
    9.Backpack bot

    Tempest Double used to have this bug as well. And I'm sure it was fixed for the double and for illus and it returned for ilus in 7.00.
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    • #3
      Illusion auto combine items bug


      • #4
        Divine Rapier Exploit

        Hello, I wanted to report an exploit that I saw in my latest game. I thought it was patched but apparently not.

        In this game, we had a Naga Siren who bought a divine rapier and keep dissamble it/assemble it.

        If you guys want any prooves, here they are : 3311328095

        At 37:10, in the game, you can look at Naga Siren inventory. At 37:12, it's showed on the right of the screen that Naga 4 Divine Rapier, within one second interval. If you still look at the inventory, it's like nothing happened, but the illusions still does have the rappier on them.

        Just look at the match and you'll see. This is disgusting, and I really hope a new patch will be made to correct this.

        Thanks for reading me and I really hope something will be made (and also ban this cheater too, lol)


        • #5
          Divine Rapier is completely useless for illusions, since raw damage bonuses do not work for them.
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          • #6
            Oh okay, thanks ! I really thought someone was actually trying to cheat since he didn't even explained himself. I'm reassured that I was wrong.


            • #7
              Well, he might have attempted to cheat here, but forgot or didnt know about raw damage bonuses not working for illus.

              There is still a bug here. Locked items wrongly combine for illus, which they shouldn't.
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