Now, this works fine when Batrider casts it twice on one target. It simply refreshes the duration. The issue is when two heroes cast Flaming Lasso on one target.

1. Pick Anti-Mage, level up Spell Shield and get Aghanim's Scepter
2. Have an allied Rubick steal Flaming Lasso
3. Get the enemy Batrider to cast Flaming Lasso on you, so that it gets blocked and reflected
4. Have the allied Rubick cast Flaming Lasso on Batrider afterwards

Result: Your Spell Shield reflects Flaming Lasso back to Batrider after blocking it, so he is lassoed and you are disarmed. Now when Rubick casts Flaming Lasso on Batrider, it refreshes the duration, and Batrider is still attached to you, and not to Rubick. The disarm on you is not refreshed and expires based on the reflected lasso. So you can now attack while having Batrider still lassoed.

Expected: two behaviors:
1. Make Flaming Lasso update to the new caster so that the target is now bound to the new caster and no longer to the old caster (easiest to implement while keeping the current behavior when Bat casts it twice on the same target)
2. Disallow casting Flaming Lasso on already lassoed units if you aren't the source of the already existing lasso. This means bat can still double-cast lasso on one target, but a second hero cant cast lasso on that unit.