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When enemy units are aligned with Beastmaster and his primary roar target, they are not shoved aside. They are hit by the secondary effect normally, except that they are not moved aside.

Strangely, if the distance between Beastmaster and the pimary target is exactly 920, algined enemies are pushed away from Beastmaster, towards the targeted enemy

1. Align Beastmaster and 2 enemy heroes (easiest done with the ent_setpos command)
2. Cast Primal Roar on one of them

Result: The aligned secondary target is not moved (unless your primary target is 920 range away, then the secondary target is moved towards the target, away from Beastmaster)

Expected: Primal Roar is supposed to open a path between Beastmaster and the target, that's the point of the showing aside. So no matter how enemes are aligned, they should still be pushed aside (not towards the target eiher, since that doesn't fit the "opening path" part).

Roar probably shoves aside based on the angle between beastmaster and the secondary targets, showing them towards the left/right if they are on either side. So if the angle is 0, it does not move the targets. So new codes need to be added to decide what happens when the angle is 0. It could be made to select the direction (left/right) randomly, or just code in a specific direction (left or right) when it's 0.