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Spirit Bear & Tempest Double unable to gain Stick/Wand charges, if AW/LD carries one

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  • Spirit Bear & Tempest Double unable to gain Stick/Wand charges, if AW/LD carries one

    Tempest Double & Spirit Bear are unable to gain Magic Stick & Magic Wand charges, if their respective main Hero (Arc Warden / Lone Druid) is carrying a Magic Stick / Wand as well.

    This bug has appeared as of an attempted bug fix regarding Hero Clones stealing Stick/Wand charges from their respective main heroes.

    I suspect that this bug is caused by the "only the most recent Magic Stick/Wand is able to gain charges per each hero" interaction, which considers the Clones'/Bears inventory to be the same as the main Heros, and thus the Tempest & the Bear won’t get any Magic Stick/Wand charges, if Arc Warden / Lone Druid are carrying one as well.

    This interaction exists for regular heroes to prevent them from buying 6 Magic Wands and gaining 6x17 charges at once.

    This interaction should be altered for Arc Warden & Lone Druid, so that their respective summons can gain their very own Stick/Wand charges, without taking their respective main hero’s inventory into account.

    Each Unit that has a separate inventory should be able to gain its own charges.

    Current behaviour: Tempest Double & Spirit Bear are unable to gain Magic Stick/Wand charges, if their respective main Hero carries a Stick/Wand as well (due to the game considering both/all Sticks/Wands to be in the main Heros inventory).

    Intended behaviour: Arc Warden & his Tempest Double and Lone Druid & his Spirit should be able to gain Magic Stick/Wand charges independently, their inventories should not be considered as "one" (this is/was the cause of a few bugs, such as the HotD bug, the old Magic stick/wand bug and the quick-buy bug).

    Showcase videos:

    Video comparison (patch 7.00):

    It turns out that the Spirit Bear is fully unable to gain any Stick/Wand charges at all, regardless of Lone Druids inventory!
    Last edited by The_Zett; 07-03-2017, 09:48 AM. Reason: Added comparison with patch 7.00 (test client)
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    This behaviour has been reverted as of the 7.06e.

    It was reverted to the older, even worse behaviour (for AW; LD remains unchanged).
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      The 4th update from the 14th July 2017 has changed this behaviour once again.

      Now Tempests & Bears are completely unable to gain Stick/Wand charges on their own, regardless of what items AW/LD are carrying.
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        3 years later and this bug still exists and now also affects Holy Locket.

        Sticks, Wands and Lockets cannot gain charges when being carried in secondary inventories (doesnt affect the main inventories):

        This is also still bugged for Spirit Bears:

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        I am usually located at the end of the Alphabet.