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Several spells prevent units from auto-attacking the spell target for several seconds

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  • Several spells prevent units from auto-attacking the spell target for several seconds

    Recently, some cases where spells could be abused to knock neutrals towards the Dire mid lane in order to pull the lane got fixed. It was done by making the spells place the "*modifier_disable_aggro*" modifier on the pushed neutral creep. This modifier causes the creep to be completely ignored by auto-attacks.

    The problem is, this modifier does not only work against lane creeps. It also causes player-controlled units to be unable to auto-attack the creep.

    What this means is, any nearby allied player-controlled unit using auto-attack will fully ignore that creep. This even includes attack-move orders. To attack that creep, the ally must directly target the unit with an attack order. This can be a significant issue when fighting Roshan, since he is a neutral creep as well. If you e.g. cast Telekinesis on Roshan, allies using auto-attack will stop attacking Roshan, and have to be given a direct attack order from their controlling players, which can cost several seconds

    Spells using this modifier and therefore causing auto-attack issues are:

    1. Chaos Knight - Reality Rift
    2. Clockwerk - Power Cogs
    3. Earth Spirit - Boulder Smash
    4. Morphling - Adaptive Strike
    5. Pudge - Meat Hook
    6. Rubick - Telekinesis
    7. Tiny - Toss

    The best way to fix this would be to make that modifier only affect non-player units, so that it only makes lane creeps/towers ignore the pushed creeps, and not player-controlled units.

    Please, just call me buny.