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Several spells are not dispelled when proccing Aeon Disk/Kraken Shell/Borrowed Time

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  • Several spells are not dispelled when proccing Aeon Disk/Kraken Shell/Borrowed Time

    When Aeon Disk/Kraken Shell/Borrowed Time proc, they dispels most debuffs on the hero, including debuffs placed by the spell that procced them .For example, if you get hit by e.g. Magic Missile, Hoof Stomp, War Stomp, Wraithfire Blast, any bash, Homing Missile, etc., Aeon Disk, Kraken Shell and Borrowed Time will dispel it. However, there are some spells which are not dispelled by it, making Aeon Disk very inconsistent.

    The reason for this is very simple: Spells which get dispelled first apply their debuffs, and then do the damage. Spells which don't get dispelled first apply the damage, and the their debuffs. Note that these all happen "at the same time", it's literally just decided by which lines are further up in the codes.


    These stuns are not dispelled by the 3 named abilities:

    1. Sacred Arrow
    2. Unstable Concoction
    3. Dragon Tail
    4. Fireblast
    5. Unrefined Fireblast
    6. Wraithfire Blast (stun & slow debuff)
    7. Storm Hammer
    8. Echo Stomp
    9. Rolling Thunder
    10. Ghostship
    11. Dream Coil
    12. Boulder Smash (stun and knockback)
    13. Avalanche
    14. Mystic Snake
    15. Lucent Beam
    16. Lightning Bolt
    17. Shuriken Toss
    18. Eclipse
    19. Scream of Pain
    20. Heat-Seeking Missile
    21. Ink Swell

    All other stuns are dispelled (Chaos Bolt, Homing Missile, Magic Missile, Boundless Strike, Ice Path, Fissure, Aftershock, Reverse Polarity, Slithereen Crush, Hoof Stomp, War Stomp, Light Strike Array, Split Earth, Snowball, Hookshot, Paralyzing Cask, Hurl Boulder, Hurl Boulder, Stone Form, Spiked Carapace, Splinter Blast, Mana Void, Meteor Hammer, All bashes)


    These slows are not dispelled:

    1. Life Break
    2. Primal Spring
    3. Crystal Nova
    4. Frost Blast
    5. Stifling Dagger
    6. Concussive Shot
    7. Splinter Blast
    8. Whirling Axes Ranged
    9. Shiva's Guard
    10. Stampede
    11. Unstable Current
    12. Spark Wraith
    13. Rolling Boulder
    14. Lightning Storm
    15. Epicenter
    16. Stroke of Fate

    All other slows are dispelled (Thunder Clap, Slithereen Crush, Earthshock, Thunder Clap, Slam, Slam, Gush, Spirit Lance, Walrus Punch, Walrus Kick, Call Down, Earth Splitter, Chain Frost, Caustic Finale, Shockwave)

    Other debuffs

    These other debuffs are not dispelled:

    1. Blood Rite
    2. Waning Rift
    3. Breathe Fire
    4. Fade Bolt
    5. Requiem of Souls
    6. Laser
    7. Whirling Axes Melee
    8. Firestorm
    9. Chaos Meteor

    All other debuffs are dispelled (Geomagnetic Grip, Last Word, Blast Off, Fortune's End, Wild Axes, Wave of Terror, Rip Tide, Anchor Smash, Desecrate, Spawn Spiderlings, Wrath of Nature, Shadow Poison, Shadowraze, Whirling Death)

    Debuffs placed by attacks

    These debuffs placed by attacks are not dispelled:

    1. Nature's Guise
    2. Meld
    3. Boar Poison
    4. Desolate
    5. Vhoul Envenomed Weapon
    6. Ghost Frost Attack
    7. Chilling Touch
    8. Spiderling Poison Sting
    9. Spiderling Spawn Spiderite
    10. Psi Blades

    All other debuffs placed by attacks are dispelled (Jinada, Infernal Blade, Liquid Fire, Entangling Claws, Cripple, Heartpiercer, Headshot, Poison Attack, Petrify, Sange, Heaven's Halberd, Sange and Yasha, Curse of Avernus, Incapacitating Bite, Frost Arrows, Geostrike, Armor Corruption, Arctic Burn, Orb of Venom, Blight Stone, Desolator, Echo Sabre), all bashes

    Other inconsistent interactions

    These spells show each two different behaviors against the 3 named spells.

    1. Primal Roar: If primary target, the stun does not get dispelled. If secondary target, the knockback/slow debuffs do get dispelled.
    2. Ethereal Blade: The ethereal debuff does get dispelled, while the slow debuff does notee get dispelled.
    3. Overload: If primary target, the slow debuff does not get dispelled. If secondary target, the debuff does get dispelled.
    4. Elder Dragon Form: If primary target, the Poison Breath debuff does not get dispelled. If secondary target, the debuff does get dispelled. The Ice Breath gets always dispelled.

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    Bump. Adding Grimstroke to the list:

    - Stroke of Fate slow
    - Ink Swell stun

    Both are not dispelled when triggering Aeon Disk, Kraken Shell or Borrowed Time.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      I would like to add to this list that Sven's level 15 Storm Hammer talent also applies its dispel *after* damage triggers the Aeon Disk. So the Aeon Disk 100% damage reduction triggers and then is immediately dispelled, meaning the Aeon Disk does nothing against it. This is counter-intuitive. I would expect the talented Storm Hammer to only dispel if the buff is already up.