This one was fixed once before already (quite some time ago), but got broken again.

Freezing Field is supposed to do 100 icy explosions. It currently does 99. Even the ability description says 100 explosions.

Duration: 10
Explosion interval: 0.1
Total explosions: 10/0.1=100

It currently misses one explosion at the end. Now, 1 explosion out of 100 doesn't sound much, but don't forget, these explosions deal up to 310 damage each. It's basically one generic nuke worth of damage missing here. Also, the way how the explosions are created, this also means that the bottom right corner gets 24 explosions, instead of 25.

Freezing Field divides its area into 4 quarters (north-east, north-west, south-west, south-east). The first explosion always starts at the north-east corner, and then it goes counter-clockwise. This means, due to the missing explosion, it does 25 explosions on north-east, north-west and south-west, but only 24 on south-east, making the south-east quarter less potent.