When you persuaded creeps with Rubick or Morphling morphed into Chen, they die upon losing the spell/morphing back to Morphling. They do this even when your pesuaded creeps got stolen by an enemy (enemy chen, enchantress, lifestealer of helm of the dominator).

The kill-on-spell-loss effect doesn't check for the units' current ownership.

1. Spell-steal Holy Persuasion/Morph into a Chen
2. Persuade some creeps with Holy Persuasion
3. Have an enemy Chen/Enchantress/Lifestealer/hero with Helm of the Dominator steal the creep
4. Lose the Holy Persuasion spell/Morph back into Morphling

Result: Upon losing the spell, all creeps you used Holy Persuasion on die instantly, even when not under your control anymore. Strangely, this does not happen if you use Holy Persuasion one more time on other creeps after the enemy stole one of yours.

Expected: Only persuaded units still under Rubick's/Morphling's control get killed instantly. It should not kill them if the enemy stole them before you lose the spell.