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[Dark Seer] Ion Shell is completely invisible on some units

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  • [Dark Seer] Ion Shell is completely invisible on some units

    Ion Shell's size adapts based on the hero/unit it is cast on. On some units, its visual effect is very tiny, so that it is difficult to see. And on few heroes, it cannot be seen at all.

    Let's use Dark Seer as the base size. When used on self, Ion Shell basically covers his entire upper body. It's clearly visible on him and on most other units.

    Worst cases: On these heroes and units, the shell is basically completely invisible.
    1. Bounty Hunter
    2. Broodmother
    3. Drow Ranger
    4. Elder Titan
    5. Gyrocopter
    6. Nyx Assassin
    7. Ogre Magi
    8. Riki
    9. Tiny
    10. Viper
    11. Weaver
    12. Winter Wyvern
    13. Hawk
    14. Roshan

    On these units, it's smaller than it ideally should be.
    1. Alchemist
    2. Arc Warden
    3. Axe
    4. Batrider
    5. Bristleback
    6. Clinkz
    7. Clockwerk
    8. Disruptor
    9. Earthshaker
    10. Ember Spirit
    11. Faceless Void
    12. Huskar
    13. Io
    14. Jakiro
    15. Keeper of the Light
    16. Leshrac
    17. Lifestealer
    18. Meepo
    19. Naga Siren
    20. Oracle
    21. Phoenix
    22. Puck
    23. Pudge
    24. Razor
    25. Sand King
    26. Shadow Fiend
    27. Shadow Shaman
    28. Storm Spirit
    29. Techies
    30. Timbersaw
    31. Treant Protector
    32. Underlord
    33. Undying
    34. Dire Siege Creep
    35. Undying Zombie Torso

    The video shows only the first list of heroes, with Dark Seer as comparison.

    Please, just call me buny.

  • #2
    This was just recently fixed for Aphotic Shield. Please fix Ion Shell, too. It has the exact same issue.
    Please, just call me buny.