When refreshing the Poison Touch debuff on the target, the slow value does not update to the spell's current level. The damage does update immediately, without even requiring a refresh.

1. Cast Poison Touch on a target
2. Refresh the debuff with attacks until Poison Touch is ready again
3. Level Poison Touch up
4. Cast Poison Tocuh with the new level on the same target

Result: The slow value of the debuff does not update to the new level. In order to apply the stronger slow, you have to let it expire first. The damage, however, updates instantly, without even requiring to recast it. Each tick uses the current level of the spell.

Expected: The slow should update as well. Either it should update like how the damage does (instantly without needing to refresh), or it should update upon refreshing the debuff on the target. The former would make it consistent with the spell's damage, the latter would make it consistent with how most other spells behave.