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[Arc Warden] Tempest Double cannot bash with Basher/Abyssal Blade

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  • [Arc Warden] Tempest Double cannot bash with Basher/Abyssal Blade

    Arc Warden’s Tempest Double is currently unable to utilise the passive bash component that Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade provides, due to a recent bugfix to Monkey King’s clones.

    Skull Basher: Abyssal Blade:

    (for testing purposes, the bash chance was changed to 100% for ranged/melee and the item’s bash cooldown was changed as well)

    It seems that valve has changed Urn & Spirit Vessel to not consider clones as valid targets for the "charge gathering range", which is a good & necessary change for MK’s & AW’s clones.
    Additionally, they re-enabled MK’s clones to copy Skull Basher & Abyssal Blade, but disabled the passive bash component for them. This unfortunally disabled the bash component for the Tempest Double as well.
    Last edited by The_Zett; 12-11-2018, 08:57 AM. Reason: Updated the bug’s cause, more clarifications
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  • #2
    I launched the Dota 2 Test Client and it turns out the Tempest Double was still able to bash during the patch 7.07 (the Test Client’s current version):

    Test Client patch 7.07 comparison:
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    • #3
      Upon further investigation, I seem to have found the cause of this bug:

      Prior to an update between 7.07 and 7.20 (I cannot pinpoint it, sorry), Monkey King’s clones used to not copy Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade, which caused them to miss out on the +25 damage that basher/abyssal provide.

      In the current patch (7.20), the Monkey King clones do copy basher/abyssal blade, but the bash component is disabled for them.

      This Monkey King bugfix broke the basher/abyssal blade interaction for the Tempest Double, which is intended to be able to utilise the passive bash component.

      Skull Basher’s & Abyssal Blade’s bash component should only be disabled for the bash heroes and MK’s clones, but not for the Tempest Double.
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      • #4
        Still broken as of 7.21b, please fix this for the Mars patch, thanks.
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        • #5
          I found the exact client update when the Skull Basher + clones interaction was changed:

          In balance patch 7.19b (to be exact: September 11, 2018 – 02:54:30 UTC) the interaction was still the old one, but in balance patch 7.19b (to be exact: September 13, 2018 – 20:07:29 UTC) the interaction had been changed to the new one.

          Which means that within these 2 days (a difference of 4 client versions) the interaction was changed and has unintentionally nerfed the Tempest Double by making it unable to bash via Basher/Abyssal, despite the Double being intended to be able to bash via these items.

          To prove my claim, these videos show which versions of the Dota 2 client I have downloaded via steam’s console & used for testing purposes:

          Old interaction (Patch 7.19b – 11th September 2018 – Client version 3149):

          New interaction (Patch 7.19b – 13th September 2018 – Client version 3153):

          The 13th September 2018 patch (one update prior to patch 7.19c) is the patch as of which the Tempest Double has been unable to bash (this patch also fixed various problems with MK’s clones).
          Last edited by The_Zett; 04-18-2019, 01:26 AM. Reason: found the exact patch
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          • #6
            This is still broken in patch 7.22d.

            Please fix this for the Summer Scrub, since this massively affects gameplay.

            I pin-pointed the exact version that broke this interaction.

            Skull Basher just needs an exception to only NOT work for MK clones, but DO work for other clones.
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            • #7
              This is still broken in patch 7.23

              The Tempest Double should not be restricted from passively bashing with basher/abyssal, this was never stated to be intended in any changelogs or update logs.
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              • #8
                This is still broken in patch 7.23e

                Now that Abyssal Blade is a 600 range blink + BKB piercing disable, it makes the item more viable on Arc Warden (compared to the old melee range Abssal Blade).

                The passive bash component should be working for the Tempest Double like it used to. It should only be disabled for Monkey King’s clones, not all clones.
                I am usually located at the end of the Alphabet.


                • #9
                  Unfortunately, I can confirm that bug is still not fixed in patch 7.25b.


                  • #10
                    This is still bugged in 7.27c, please fix the item interactions for the Tempest Double.

                    Do not blantly apply MK ult changes to the Double as well, you broke Basher, Abyssal, Quiver, Mindbreaker and Prince’s Knife because of that.

                    Stick, Wand, Locket, Dominator and Illusionist’s Cape also malfunction due to certain restrictions carrying over to it and faulty coding issues (for the latter two items).

                    Also Refresher Orb’s interaction hasn’t been updated to reflect the 7.23 changes to Tempest Double (cant copy ultimates anymore, hence refresher’s active ability not needing to be restricted anymore, especially since ex-machina fully works).
                    I am usually located at the end of the Alphabet.