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The ridiculous ability backswing system NEED a rework!

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  • The ridiculous ability backswing system NEED a rework!

    TL, DR: Binding ability cast backswing (a.k.a. the time before next action in queue can be executed) to model is rediculous. They should be bind to ability itself, and the animation playrate should be adjust with the frame count and the value of cast point+backswing. Or they should be removed altogether since which ability get
    the DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_IGNORE_BACKSWING tag makes little sense.

    Almost PA players who have arcanas have a habit: when they cast a d-b or q-w combo, they press b or w several times before actually blinks to the enemy, for backswing cancellation of stifling dagger. Of course, normal model also works better if you cancel the backswing. But the 12 extra frame of animation of the arcana model means you need to wait for a 0.4 extra second before you blink to your enemy.

    This issue is more severe for the new antimage persona: her blink animation is 15 frames (or 0.5 seconds more of backswing) more than normal model's. Moreover, if the animation is not cancelled, PA may only lose a fraction of second's attack time, antimage is quite close to the enemy and the 0.5 seconds of time for Wei to land to the ground gracefully probably means the difference of life and death.

    The whole idea of using model's animation frame count to determine a value that has effects on balance is quite rediculous. Of course I'm happy this is not a pay-to-win scenario meaning I don't have to question the incentive of this phenomenon. Still, it's quite a stupid implementation and should not be the work of those elite developers in Valve. A more sane implementation is to explicitly provides the backswing value in npc_abilities.txt and adjust the cast animation playback rate accordingly (like the attack animation). This will also benefit the ability draft community and provides them the a more unified experience.

    Also, the existance of DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_IGNORE_BACKSWING tag means the balance team want to make the backswing as a part of the balance. But which ability or which hero gets it often makes little sense: Mirana get it, Sven get it, Shadow Demon gets it. What's the relationship across these heroes? Nothing at all! I mean, I understand this is probably some old War3 legacy. But still it's strange and unintuive. The ability backswing is nothing other than a pure mechanical burden. Remove it altogether may not be a bad idea.