I've encounterd this bug twice and hope it never becomes 3. It seems to happen randomly, because it occured in two random games, while there where games played before in this dota session. Both games were played on the same server, as most of my games before (Russia). I don't think the server has to do with the problem, since as far as I know no one except me encountered this problem in those games.

Bug: any actions I try to do are performed with a slight delay, while also have a HUGE chance to not occur at all. It covers everything: items, walking, attacking, skills. I just press a button and nuthing works. Also, as far as I noticed, the cursor changes as if command has been sent (attacking or point target skill), but nothing happens. When tried to repeat that bug intentionally (in those two games), it seems actions are not performing if some other command was given approximately at the same time or immideately after, for example walking and using Zeus 1 spell to kill creeps (hero either moved, or used skill but stopped).