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Faceless Void Chronosphere bug

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  • Faceless Void Chronosphere bug

    Description:Void getting damage from active spells such as rot(even pudge himself),batrider's firefly
    while they are inside chronosphere
    Pick faceless void
    summon pudge
    type lvlup 25
    Use pudge rot and chronosphere him

    Result: You will recieve the damage from rot and even pudge himself recieve it
    Expected: no damage should be recieve from rot,firefly while you are under chrono

  • #2
    You aren't suppose to be invulnerable in Chronosphere.

    The thing is, in DotA1, when Pudge gets paused, Rot won't damage anyone (because it's based on Immolation which gets deactivated when the unit gets paused), but it still slowed (slow comes from a slow aura which has no interactions with pause).

    Not sure if intended fix or not.
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    • #3
      Pretty sure this is an intended fix. It just says it pauses units but not effects or environmental effects.


      • #4
        Yes, i know your not invulnerable during chronosphere. im saying that the damage SHOULD pause. even Lucifer's Doom stop damaging when you are under chronosphere.


        • #5
          Actually no, Lich's Chain Frost and Death Prophet's Exorcism werent stopped by Chronosphere, neither is Twin-headed Dragon's Macropyre.

          They all work this way even in Dota 1, and its a combo of sorts, because a great Chrono with these ultimates can wipe a teamfight.
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          • #6
            Originally posted by iamskye View Post
            Yes, i know your not invulnerable during chronosphere. im saying that the damage SHOULD pause. even Lucifer's Doom stop damaging when you are under chronosphere.
            Only heroes are stopped in chronosphere, i'm sure it's same in Dota1 too, rot shouldn't be stopped, only channeling spells are, since rot is activate/deactivate it doesn't count as channeling spell.


            • #7
              The thing was, in DotA1, when a unit gets paused, nearly all buffs and debuffs are paused, too. But it had huge differences between the buffs.

              Some buffs got completely paused. Means their duration gets paused, they won't damage or affect the unit on any other way while paused. Only the visuals ignore it.
              They continue and wear off normally after pause as if nothing happened. An example would be Doom, Veno's skills and any regular stun.

              Some buffs only have their duration paused, but they still damage and affect the unit for the pause duration, effectively prolonging the buff with all its effects. They also continue and wear off normally after pause as if nothing happened. Examples are Healing Salve, Repel, Guardians Angel, etc.

              Some buffs only get their affects paused, but not the duration. They won't damage or affect the target, but still expire while the unit is paused. Example: Rhasta's Shackle, Dismember

              Some buffs completely ignore pause. Means their duration continues normally while the affected unit is paused and fully affect the unit. Those buffs are mostly from spells , which use the buffs and debuffs only as visual stuff. The visual effects may be affected by pause (eg the status icon gets paused), but that has no interactions with the spell's effects, because the self-coded triggers run on time. Examples is Rupture, Kunkka's rum.

              TL;DR: Pause had many different interaction with buffs and debuffs. Mostly pointless and was not worth to fix for Blizzard, because the pause function was only a small addition and had no use for the ladder game, except for cinematics.

              Imo, Chronosphere should be the only spell in the game, which pauses debuffs. It should pause them so, that they don't affect the unit under Chronosphere, but get their duration prolonged, and they continue to affect the unit for their remaining time.
              That'd fit the time-stop theme most.
              Last edited by bu3ny; 01-20-2014, 08:53 AM.
              Please, just call me buny.


              • #8
                Rot damaging while the caster is being paused (discussion)

                it seems that this is an intended change and has been discussed... move this to confirmed changes
                i think u mods need to look over the 'need confirmation list' and move things.


                • #9
                  IMO there are too many buffs/debuffs affected by this to call them all blanket intended. should be added to low priority bug list.

                  up to mods though.

                  Anyone feel up to making a comprehensive list of buffs/debuffs and their different interaction between d1 and d2? Would be useful.


                  • #10
                    The same thing happens if pudge is invisible and has rot activated.
                    In DotA 1 you wouldn't take any dmg from rot nor would the enemies and they wouldn't get the slow effect either, but in DotA 2 it acts as if nothing changed, not sure if this is intended or not though.


                    • #11
                      I thought I've seen somewhere in this forums that the 'pause' function/feature isnt ported over?


                      • #12
                        Why so much necroing :/ My god.
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                        • #13
                          "Faceless Void's Chronosphere now applies a regular stun rather a pause effect. So bashed units coming out of Chronosphere won't have the additional stun time, and Heroes with toggleable abilities such as Morphling and Witch Doctor can continue using their abilities inside Chronosphere. Another effect is that Cycloned units won't fly for the full duration inside the Chronosphere." - source: Dota 2 Wiki

                          I think this will answer your question about Pudge's Rot, it also applies to Leshrak's skills (both edict and his ulti).


                          • #14
                            The Dota 2 Wiki is irrelevant when it comes to gameplay mechanics.