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[Confirmed] Courier spawns in inaccessable area

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  • [Confirmed] Courier spawns in inaccessable area

    Summary: Donky spawned in the wood near base spawn.

    Repro: unknown

    Res.: details here 2012-03-07_00001.jpg

    Exp. res.: donky should spawn somwhere near shop
    Last edited by Muffin; 04-09-2012, 05:08 PM. Reason: image added locally, link removed

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    404 not found.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Do not open this thread twice

      Also here 404 not found. Pls provide us some pieces of information.


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        The donkey will spawn where you are when using the item. If you are in the woods and use item the donkey will spawn there, if you are in enemy fountain, the donkey will spawn there. Or is it a different problem. Give more info on this.
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          Hmm.. dubble appologies, first for dual threading by accident and second for not testing the link (i've linked it to my public screenshot thought it'll work) I have attached the screen to this post.


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            So this thing occurred again and id like to give a suggestion on how this could be solved.

            A)Make the position for donkey(use) inside fountain a fixed one so no mater where you stand at start donkey spawns in his "stable" or smthing.
            (Fountain area considered as inside walled area)

            Still allow for donkey to get stuck in place on picture if player gets outside fountain area faced South right in front of trees.
            (for those hardcore players that for some reason would like to do it)

            B) Fill that empty area with another tree.


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              Link to the replay / Match ID? I wonder if this could occur depending on where your hero spawns initially vs being surrounded etc?


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                Originally posted by Muffin View Post
                A)Make the position for donkey(use) inside fountain a fixed one so no mater where you stand at start donkey spawns in his "stable" or smthing.
                (Fountain area considered as inside walled area)
                Ok, I appreciate your effort. But I do not think that this is a [Bug], and imo it is working as intended.
                When you use your courier, it will spawn in front of you.
                If you use your courier facing to that spot, courier will spawn on that spot.
                Your fix does not address several other locations all over the map, and I don't making such a tweak for that single spot makes any sense... Sorry.

                But here is another suggestion:
                • I can't think of any reasonable reason for not using the courier immediately after you buy it. Why would you carry the courier all the way to your lane, what can be your intention?
                • So, if my statement above is correct without any exceptions, then I suggest making courier auto-spawned as soon as it gets into the inventory of any hero. Additionally, also making it spawned on a fixed location at the fountain area will be the second part of this fix.
                • Making it auto-spawned only when it gets into a hero's inventory will prevent it from being spawned without any hero at base.
                • The only issue about this suggestion is that you can buy courier from the enemy base, too. And normally, you can't spawn your courier at base if you have bought it from the enemy base. I don't know why would anybody buy a courier from the enemy base, and want to spawn it there, but this is an issue. However, I don't think it would be problematic to make the courier get spawned at your own base when you buy a courier from the enemy base. I mean, what could go wrong with that?


                • #9
                  It isn't technically a bug, but couriers can be spawned up cliffs from lowground similar to how other units can. This is a bug, so perhaps summoned units should consider all obstructions when being spawned (they only considered cliffs in WC3 DotA).
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                    added to sticky as "annoyance".
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                      Just to say, this bug is still present.

                      see Match 257259650, radiant side.


                      • #12
                        Yep, the but is not fixed yet, I had the same problem with a courier today.