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  • Adding to what devilesk pointed out, I checked all other items (because regexp is fun as long as You don't need it seriously), and also those are incorrect:

    orchid 4125 5025
    cyclone 2700 2800
    dagon 2720 2800 (and other levels)
    necronomicon_2 3950 2700
    necronomicon_3 5200 2700
    diffusal_blade_2 4150 3300

    In game values are correct of course, as they are based on sum of recipe and components.
    Webinterface (so also Learn->Items) uses value from for example : item_cyclone, which weren't updated.
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    • In 6.72 Naga Siren's base HP Regen was set to .75. This is not the case in dota 2. Her hp regen is not set with a "StatusHealthRegen" value in npc_heroes.txt, which means that it defaults to .25. Unfortunately since the in-game UI is so buggy when rounding as discussed here, here, and here the game shows her hp regeneration as 1.0 at level 1.

      Her base strength is 21, so she should have .75 + .03*21 = 1.38 hp regen.

      She actually has .25 + .03*21 = .88 in DotA2.

      The easiest way to test her actual regen is to use a stopwatch (in game clock will do if you want to mark the time) and attack her, noting the damage dealt in the combat log and the exact time.

      Divide the amount of damage taken by the number of seconds it takes her to regenerate the damage dealt, and you'll have her actual regen (once again, for reasons already explained - DO NOT TRUST THE UI).


      • In Dota 2 tooltip says that from Infest Lifestealer gaining current HP of any creep instead of enemy.


        • Originally posted by KiRa View Post
          In Dota 2 tooltip says that from Infest Lifestealer gaining current HP of any creep instead of enemy.
          There is a section for tooltip bugs in this forum.
          Please, just call me buny.


          • well, i don't know if it's the correct thread to post,this is related to difference between databases, about juggernaut, in dota 1 u can blade fury then cancel it with manta style while in dota 2 manta style doesn't cancel blade fury, so that changes a lot in gameplay. Don't know if it's already established it as new scheme or what


            • Data files from 14.11.2013 test client
              Attached Files
              Known Tooltips and UI information Issues List
              Unreleased heroes data:

              Hero Balance Compilation 6.48 onwards
              Items and Other Balance compilation 6.48 onwards
              Dota 1 6.81c Test Map


              • where could i find data about unit behavior? like rosh behavior???

                Cant touch this :-j


                • While this is not a difference between dota 1 and dota 2, The presence of projectilespeed = 0 for melee heroes breaks moon glaives and dragon form in ability draft. It causes the glaive, or dragon attack to get stuck in place (permanently, until end of game) and not hit anything.
                  "ProjectileModel" "" // Particle system model for projectile.
                  "ProjectileSpeed" "0" // Speed of projectile.

                  Melee heroes that do not have these lines in their data section are able to use moon glaives and dragon form. It is difficult to test this. However, people have confirmed lycan and tidehunter to be able to use moon glaives in another thread. I have checked their data files and they do not have the projectile lines present. The base hero data stats are for a ranged hero with 600 range and 900 projectile speed and I guess this is what tide/lycan use when they have moon glaives and/or dragon form.

                  AD bug post
                  // Dota Heroes File
                  "Version" "1"

                  //================================================== ================================================== =============
                  // HERO: Base
                  // Note: This is loaded and overriden/added to by values in the specific heroes chunks.
                  //================================================== ================================================== =============
                  // General
                  "BaseClass" "npc_dota_hero" // Class of entity of link to.
                  "Model" "models/error.mdl" // Model.
                  "SoundSet" "0" // Name of sound set.
                  "Enabled" "0"
                  "Level" "1"
                  "BotImplemented" "0"
                  "NewHero" "0"
                  "HeroUnlockOrder" "1" // The higher the number the later these heros will unlock for new players.
                  "CMEnabled" "0"
                  "new_player_enable" "0"

                  // Abilities
                  "AbilityLayout" "4"
                  "Ability1" "" // Ability 1.
                  "Ability2" "" // Ability 2.
                  "Ability3" "" // Ability 3.
                  "Ability4" "" // Ability 4.
                  "Ability5" "attribute_bonus" // Ability 5 - Bonuses.
                  "Ability6" "" // Ability 6 - Extra.
                  "Ability7" "" // Ability 7 - Extra.
                  "Ability8" "" // Ability 8 - Extra.

                  // Armor
                  "ArmorPhysical" "-1" // Physical protection.
                  "ArmorMagical" "25" // Magical protection (percentage).

                  // Attack
                  "AttackCapabilities" "DOTA_UNIT_CAP_RANGED_ATTACK"
                  "AttackDamageMin" "1" // Damage range min.
                  "AttackDamageMax" "1" // Damage range max.
                  "AttackDamageType" "DAMAGE_TYPE_ArmorPhysical" // Type of damage dealt.
                  "AttackRate" "1.7" // Speed of attack.
                  "AttackAnimationPoint" "0.75" // Normalized time in animation cycle to attack.
                  "AttackAcquisitionRange" "800" // Range within a target can be acquired.
                  "AttackRange" "600" // Range within a target can be attacked.
                  "ProjectileModel" "ranged_hero" // Particle system model for projectile.
                  "ProjectileSpeed" "900" // Speed of projectile.

                  // Attributes
                  I don't know if the solution is to remove the projectile speed lines from melee heroes, as that may break other things, but these inconsistencies make for very sad games in ability draft. Tidehunter/lycan don't seem to have any problems without the projectile setting. I checked dragon knight's data, and he has projectile speed set to 900, even though he is a melee hero.
                  Last edited by Esteban; 04-05-2014, 07:46 PM.
                  Training Map for Last Hitting Under a Tower:


                  • Projectile Speed isn't utilized by melee heroes, regardless of what you set the Projectile Speed to the melee attribute overrides it.
                    However, there are certain things which will take the Projectile Speed regardless, namely Glaives and Dragon Form as you figured.

                    Now, in this case, by default the Projectile Speed is set to 900, so any melee heroes that do not have a specific Projectile Speed line in their file will function just fine, as it'll just grab the default one.
                    The problem occurs due to some of the older heroes in particular that actually DO have their Projectile Speed set, namely to 0.
                    There's various reasons why they might've done this, a possible reason being that Projectile Speed was initially utilized by Melee heroes as well and therefore set to 0 to mimic 'instant' but they've since just made the Melee attribute override it, another one is that early developers initially didn't know how the game would handle melee heroes with a Projectile Speed and just put it to 0 as a precaution.

                    Regardless, essentially all Valve really has to do is go over the npc_heroes.txt file and remove any instances of "ProjectileSpeed" "0" and it would fix the problem entirely.


                    • So I'm working on a DotA2 App and I'm building my own VDF to dev-friendly JSON files converter for my own data library and I was wondering if there's any easy way to get these files (npc_heroes.txt etc) automatically without requiring a full installation of DotA2 (I want to run it on a basic web server and have the app auto-update the data files whenever there's a game patch).


                      • can some one give me newest npc files here?


                        • Originally posted by ViperEvil View Post
                          can some one give me newest npc files here?



                          • Originally posted by blash365 View Post
                            Lion's impale has no indication, that it stuns the affected targets. the only indication is the "duration" field, but voodoo has only "duration" too, so it cant be implicated in this case. take note, that impale has a different damage indication than dagon (AbilityDamage).

                            	// Lion: Impale
                            		// General
                            		"ID"					"5044"														// unique ID number for this ability.  Do not change this once established or it will invalidate collected stats.
                            		"AbilityName"					"lion_impale"
                            		"AbilityBehavior"				"DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_POINT | DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_UNIT_TARGET"
                            		"AbilityUnitTargetTeam"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_TEAM_ENEMY"
                            		"AbilityUnitTargetType"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_HERO | DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_BASIC"
                            		"AbilityUnitDamageType"			"DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL"	
                            		// Casting
                            		"AbilityCastRange"				"500"
                            		"AbilityCastPoint"				"0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3"
                            		// Time		
                            		"AbilityCooldown"				"12.0 12.0 12.0 12.0"
                            		// Cost
                            		"AbilityManaCost"				"100 120 145 170"
                            		// Damage.
                            		"AbilityDamage"					"60 130 200 260"
                            		// Special
                            				"var_type"			"FIELD_INTEGER"
                            				"width"				"125 125 125 125"
                            				"var_type"			"FIELD_FLOAT"
                            				"duration"			"1.02 1.52 2.02 2.52"
                            				"var_type"			"FIELD_INTEGER"
                            				"length"			"825 825 825 825"
                            				"var_type"			"FIELD_INTEGER"
                            				"speed"				"1600 1600 1600 1600"
                            Spells in DotA are coded in C++ (for efficiency). These text files just supply the values that are to be used by the code. Impale is coded to stun so there is no need to indicate that the unit is stunned. That's just what that spell does. If this was a data driven spell then it would have events that apply stun modifiers to the units hit by the spell.


                            • It's DOTA 2, not DotA 2.


                              • Why is this still a sticky?