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  • Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
    There is no scripts folder to begin with.
    Are you sure you're actually opening the right vpk file with GCFScape? You need pak01_dir.vpk, not just pak01_000.vpk or anything.
    It's definitely still there, so you must be doing something wrong.


    • I cannot find it either


      • Yep, I'm sure.


        • They are still there on my end:

          I cannot understand how you are able to play without them... We all have the same .exes don't we?
          Your package version is v0, while mine is v1, that is also strange.
          Could you check ...\dota 2 test\dota\scripts\npc\ directory and see if they are there?

          Validating the game cache should fix such problems, you can do it through Steam Client >> right-click Dota 2 >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify the Integrity of Game Cache
          or maybe you'll have to update your GFCScape or something, I have no other suggestions...


          • Check to see if you have the latest version of GCFScape as well. There were some .vpk updates quasi-recently.


            • I cannot find the backswing time for cast animations. I know there is ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NO_BACKSWING or something like that, and I can find the cast point, but I looked through abilites and the hero data and could not find the backswing duration. Where is it?
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              • It isn't there.

                I also would like an official information on this...
                but my guess on this for all this time has been: They just make animations for spells stored in the model files, those animations have a duration to themselves, and backswing is derived from that duration, so
                animationDuration - castPointDuration = backswingDuration

                and that flag you see allows a spell to not play its remaining animation if there is a queued order, or a forced-queued order like attack


                • ugh... well that's a pain to check
                  its not really easy to check the animation duration right? I mean, you have to actually open the animation models to check them?
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                  • I haven't ever done that Cyborgmatt thing, I rather just;
                    shift-queue MoveeastCasteastMoveeast, record the process with Fraps, and then view it with WinLiveMovieMaker, seek carefully, manaloss/cooldownstart is when you reach your casting point, restartingmovement is when you finish the backswing

                    The most basic and easiest way to perfectly spot the restartingmovement is to input dota_camera_lock 1 and cl_showpos 1 in the console

                    Hope it helps
                    I actually would rather like to see actual values though, instead of this recording thing... Ice? Devs? Anyone? Cyborgmatt can animation timings be seen anyhow?


                    • "troll_warlord_whirling_axes_ranged" "AbilityCastPoint" "0.51 0.51 0.51 0.51"
                      "troll_warlord_whirling_axes_melee" "AbilityCastPoint" "0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0"

                      no wonder i cant hit anything with ranged axes, .5 delays and they get away


                      • I already looked into it for you.
                        The files posted in the thread are outdated; extract the files yourself and you'll find that Ranged Whirling Axes cast point is set to 0.2 as it should.
                        Melee Whirling Axes are currently 0 and should be 0.2.
                        I'll make a proper bug report with my Whirling Axes findings soonish.


                        • I might be blind, but according to 78b and TestClient it seems:

                          Scout/Greater Hawk, BM Boar should have TurnRate 0.6 (apparently reported before, don't know why external thread instead of here)
                          Infernals (all levels with agh) should have TurnRate 0.4 : (dota1:n00Z, n0KU,... for reference)

                          None of those have "MovementTurnRate" defined in units.txt, so they probably use default 0.5.
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                          • Need update for 6.78 please.


                            • Orchid's item cost is wrong in the items.txt. It says 5025, but it should be 4125. It's also wrong on the site,


                              • Can anyone explain how to parse these so you can get the hero ids without having to manually make a database of it all?