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[Confirmed] Morphling's Morph ability stats

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  • [Confirmed] Morphling's Morph ability stats


    From the 6.74 Dota 1, the Morphling:

    "- Morph passively grants 3/4/5/6 agility and strength"

    This bonus in Dota 1 is put on hero stats NOT in the "green" stats. So you can 'play around' (morf) with those stats to, stronger adaptive strike etc.

    In Dota 2 they are put in the green stats so the Morph ability can't play with those stats - "Bonus agility or strength from items can't be converted"

    EX: Imagine a scenario where a player in Dota 2 goes the 'shotgun' Morphling build with EB and using morph till 1 str etc etc does the combo and his target escapes with 20hp and in Dota 1 same scenario the target dies there.
    Conclusion in Dota 1 you can play with 6 extra stats that enters in the Adaptive strike combo + Ether Blast ability.
    Like I said same scenario is different in Dota 1 then in Dota 2 from that small change.

    I know this is nitpicking but I made this initial topic a long time ago and I got no answer then... so this is the second and last try

    Thank you.

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    Confirming the behavior in Dota1 (it adds to base stats) and Dota1 (it adds do +stats, can't be morphed). Little bug, nonetheless, you can have +3dmg on morph level 1 if you go Full Agi Rambo

    On a separate note, the post you made was in Critical Bugs, and that forum closes and their threads are cleaned up when the Test version goes stable, that's why you got no answer.
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      ^^ Yea thanks I also figure that part out but still it was up for a few good days and had hundreds of views on the topic.


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        Added to sticky.
        Always read and follow the forum rules. If you need help from a moderator, use the report button ()
        Before posting new bugs:
        -Check the Known Bugs List and search the forum for an existing report.
        -Make sure its a bug (test in WC3 Dota, visit playdota guides and adv. mech, etc). If you're still not sure, post in Mechanics and Gameplay Bug Brainstorming instead.
        -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.


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          ^ Ok thanks for that.


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            Bump, wanted to post


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              [Duplicate] Morphling's bonuses from Morph should count as basic stats not as bonus

              1. Get Morphling
              2. Skill Morph

              Result: The bonuses from 'Morph' count to bonus stat
              Expected Result: The bonuses from 'Morph' should count as basic stats

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                I think this is intentional so the player can see exactly how their stats are distributed
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                    Yeah... Yet another duplicate, I really wish we had a by hero bugs list :/
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                      Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
                      Yeah... Yet another duplicate, I really wish we had a by hero bugs list :/
                      Blash is not willing to do so ...
                      And this makes mods work really hard
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                        Also if base str hp gain is fixed this means that a low health morph would receive 57 hp back by leveling morph the first time. Do not tell me that + 57 hp from leveling have no impact or are low priority.
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