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[Confirmed] Courier healing salve disappears

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  • [Confirmed] Courier healing salve disappears

    while i was in a game, i ordered the courier to use a healing salve on me while it was transferring items to me...after reaching my hero, it would transfer everything, but the healing salve would disappear

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    Match ID?
    Best idea I've seen in many years.


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      necroing this because I had the same bug, courier was arriving to deliver a salve and I used the salve from the courier onto me, it disappeared and had no effect. The courier left without giving me my TP scroll, probably because I only had 1 slot left and the game thought the salve was there. I instructed it to transfer items again and got my TP normally
      Match ID: 45269172
      Time: at 12:27 courier is about to arrive to me (Lich) at bottom lane. At 12:29 the courier turns back and the salve has disappeared


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        I confirm this happening in the game OP provided. 12:27 is the replay time.
        I don't know why that happens, though. I see that courier was retrieving Lich's items, and right when the courier was about to transfer them, Lich clicks on the Healing Salve on the courier, and then tries to apply that on himself.

        (after a while...)

        I also tried to reproduce this, and succeeded. But it took me 6 tries to do record the buggy occuring. So that means you really have to time well to abuse this bug for your own bad.

        If you do it slightly too late, then courier successfully transfers the pot, and you will be using the pot from your own inventory. Apparently if you click on the Salve before you get it transfered, you still can use the Salve, but this time from your own hero, on Dota 2.
        If you do it slightly too early, then courier interrupts his former transfer order, and heals you with the pot.

        And I want to remind you that it is not related to a full/almost full inventory, or the amount of the items that the courier is going to transfer. My courier had only the Healing Salve, and Magina had no items.
        Also, I made this bug happen both with the bottom left HUD transfer button, and with the Courier skill Transfer Items. The video just shows the latter one.


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          added to sticky.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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          My Suggestion: Coaching System
          My Sticky: Intended Changes List
          My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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            Necroing this once again. I had a similar bug, but the salve actually activated on my hero from a half-lane length away. Player perspective the Luna and you will see the items bought and collected from stash. Speed boost and transfer items... mid-flight, used hotkey to activate salve on chick and targeted hero, then shift+transfer key. Salve disappeared suddenly, and I heard Luna say "thanks," which really confused me. Then saw courier flying back home.



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              Also happened to me. I had Salve and one more item in courier, ordered courier to bring items to my hero, in middle of courier flight I decided to use Salve of courier without canceling firstly ordered transfer command. Courier came to my hero, gave item as usual but Salve was lost, it wasn't transferred nor used on my hero - it just disappeared.
              None of this is real.


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                Another bug: i can't really reproduce it, but there's a situation that when you buy a salve on the courier and then orders the courier to use the pot on you, it goes instantly, the courier doesn't need to travel to use the item

                match id: 74364689