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Stash bug: I can get stashed items at enemy fountain area

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  • Stash bug: I can get stashed items at enemy fountain area

    In one game I was fighting in the opponent's base. I had the items I needed in my Stash to complete a sheep stick but I was to busy fighting. When I moved to the opponent's fountain the Sheep Stick appeared in my inventory.

    1.) Purchase item to complete a recipe.
    2.) Move to opponent's fountain.

    Occasionally the completed recipe will appear in your inventory.

    For this not to happen.

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    Actually in Dota1 you could shop at the opponent's base, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to here.

    That is granted the base vendors are considered 'neutrals'

    A merchant shouldn't take part in such wars, so I think this is what was intended.

    At least that's how I'd like it to stay but I'd understand if we could only buy at our base


    • #3
      I was bored so I tried it. If the recipe or a component that you already purchased is in your stash, the completed item appears in your inventory. Going by DotA, if you purchase an item while away from your base the item should appear on your circle and it should stay there. As of now the stash can be retrieved while at the enemy base.
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        Completing items at emeny shop

        I was playing Bloodseeker and I had the items for Shadowblade in my inventory but the recipe was in my stash..[..]..I was near the enemy fountain/shop and it completed my Shadowblade.

        1) Pick any hero
        2) Chose an item to buy but only buy some parts of it (do not complete it)
        3) Leave the fountain/shop area and then buy rest of it, so it's in your stash
        4) Now go near the enemy fountain/shop area and it will complete the item

        If you've some items in your stash and rest of the items (to complete it into something) in your inventory you can complete it in the enemy fountain.

        Should not complete the item.


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          Already reported, please learn to use the search


          • #6
            I did use the search ("stash") couldn't find the issue.


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              You know, searching using just "stash" is kinda... lazy imo... and it's not about the stash it's about the whole shopping zones...


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                Originally posted by Mataur View Post

                You know, searching using just "stash" is kinda... lazy imo... and it's not about the stash it's about the whole shopping zones...
                I read that topic actually but I saw it a bit different from my issue (guess I just didn't understand it). I didn't know what else to search for and I'm sorry for not knowing what the exact issue was about I just took a guess that it would be something stash concerned.


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                  Originally posted by twice View Post
                  Should not complete the item.
                  Hmmm.. why not. we could buy items in enemy base in dota1


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                    I'm not saying you can't buy items but there's a built in feature in DOTA 2 that puts the item together and in your inventory once you get in range of the fountain/shop however the game doesn't seem to differentiate between the enemy fountain/shop area and your own.


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                      I played a game where i was necro.We managed to take down their middle rax and i bought the recipe and the headress for my pipe , which i bought from our shop.They were placed in my stash.When i went near the enemy fountain i saw that the pipe was complete.I think the stash doesn't recognize enemy or ally and automicly completed my recipe.


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                        allready posted in other post


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                          Stash bug: I can get stashed items at enemy fountain area

                          The items I purchased are in my stash and I can grab them and combine them at the enemies fountain although they are supposed to be in my stash back at my base.

                          Repro Steps:
                          - Play just like you normally would with (Aghanim as example item) ogre club and point booster in your inventory.
                          - Then purchase Blade of Alacrity and Staff for Aghanim.
                          - Go the the enemy fountain.

                          - The item auto combines. You can probably also grab individual items from your stash at the enemy fountain.

                          Expected Result:
                          - Items which are already purchased and in your stash should be locally bound to your own fountain area. You should not be able to access your stash at the enemy fountain.


                          • #14
                            I don't see this as being an inconvenience to anyone, in fact I like it


                            • #15
                              Is it possible in DotA 1? No.
                              Does it make sense to get access to the items from your stash which you purchased at your base and which you were only able to buy at your own base shop because of the courier? No.