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Lich Frost Armor autocast

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  • Lich Frost Armor autocast

    Lich do not cast frost armor on creeps

    Repro Steps:
    1) skill frost armor
    2) go to lane
    3) turn frost armor on autocast
    4) wait for creeps to get attacked

    Lich does not cast frost armor on the creep being attacked

    Expected Result:
    In dota 1 lich casts frost armor on creeps that takes damage

    Lich do however cast frost armor on himself and heroes.

  • #2
    I guess that's more of an intended feature. When would you want to cast frost armor on the entire wave? And if you somehow want to do it, why can't you do it by hand?
    I actually like the current behaviour; you can walk around the game with frost armor autocast and every ally will have it without you caring.


    • #3
      This is a bug, in Dota 1, Lich was casting Armor constantly on attacked unit if he had mana, in D2 it doesn't autocast on anything at all.
      So +1 to this

      Please excuse mistakes in my english, it's not my first language.


      • #4
        Would like Lich to have autocast but ONLY for heroes.
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        • #5
          I'm pretty sure its an intended fix, and its working fine and probably a lot of people like it this way.
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          • #6
            intended fix and i love it!


            • #7
              Originally posted by EthanBB View Post
              This is a bug, in Dota 1, Lich was casting Armor constantly on attacked unit if he had mana, in D2 it doesn't autocast on anything at all.
              So +1 to this
              what? he uses his frost armor on ally heroes if their getting attacked.


              • #8
                only for allied heroes. Else giving it creeps feels like a waste for me
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                • #9
                  You usually can't support the mana for both creeps and heroes, hence it only uses heroes during autocast. You can still cast it manually when you want to push.
                  It looks very much like an intented fix.


                  • #10
                    well i'd be nice to have that option back somehow if possible (ofc as optional so not everyone is forced to use it)
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                    • #11
                      Played lich right now, and actually loved it, that he autocasts only on heroes, saves a lot of mana.
                      However I wish the grafical effect of frost shield would change, at least remove that symbol above the head.


                      • #12
                        +1 , never turned that thin on in d1 because it was a waste to fa the creeps when not pushing , but now that i know this , autocast all the ways ftw. nice fix


                        • #13
                          no need to bump a thread, that is weeks old. its added on the (rumored) intended fixlist already.
                          if you dont like the buff visual, post in the visual forum.
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