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[Indended] Invoker Cold Snap does not breaking Linken

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  • [Indended] Invoker Cold Snap does not breaking Linken


    In DotA, cold snap on Roshan worked even if it was the first targeted skill thrown at him (except the first ministun).
    In Dota 2 it seems he's completely resisting it.
    I am not 100% sure about enemies with Linken's, but I think it happens there too.

    This is a bug, right?
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  • #2
    intended fix i think


    • #3
      Both Linkens and roshan spell block are blocking cold snap entirely now in Dota 2, but I would lean towards this being a fix. Cold snap is now acting consistently with other single target spells that apply a debuff.

      For now, moved to brainstorming.
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      • #4
        [Indended] Invoker Cold Snap does not breaking Linken

        Invoker's Cold Snap should be able to break through the Linken. ( the stunning effect of cold snap should be remaining )

        1) I invoke Cold Snap to spell a hero who has Linken.
        2) I invoke Cold Snap to spell the Roshan.

        Cold snap can not break through the Linken.

        Cold snap should be able to go through the Linken just like Dota1
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        • #5
          Originally posted by magician_arron View Post
          Cold snap should be able the go through the Linken just like Dota1
          But why?


          • #6
            Dota1 cold snap will break Linken spellshied, the target will not be able to stop the cold snap stun effect.
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            • #7
              some one please confirm it.


              • #8
                yeah cold snap triggers Linken's CD but doesn't block any effect. For linken sphere info go here -


                • #9
                  Thx, I was right.

                  Dota2 it Triggers Linken's cool down, but it completely blocks Cold snap.

                  This should add to sticky


                  • #10
                    ^actually imo if it trigger's Linken Sphere's cooldown, effect should be nullified, that is the common sense

                    more like a bug in DotA imo, but worth mentioning
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                    • #11
                      yeah I did find it a little weird in DotA1 that linkens didn't block cold snap but still triggered CD. I personally don't mind the change in DotA2 just makes that cool blue sphere more viable and less situational.


                      • #12
                        i did mind...... im a invoker user i use it to break the linken who wants to counter me using Linken


                        • #13

                          the links shows no way linken can block Cold snap.....


                          • #14
                            You're very persistent on your posts, I give you credit for that.

                            While I would imagine this is something that could have been easily fixed in dota1, idk how the spell is coded so this could just be an intended fix like many other interactions with linken sphere. My money is that this is an intended fix.


                            • #15
                              Intended fix, in Dota 1 this spell was made by 2 separate triggers (one damage, other one stun) in source engine it was united. So now it works as intended.
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