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[Confirmed] Meathook canceling Eul's Cyclone

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  • [Confirmed] Meathook canceling Eul's Cyclone

    This is what happened to me earlier today: I was playing Invoker, used Euls on myself to avoid incoming spells, Pudge's hook hit me (after tornado's animation started) and the tornado abruptly ended.

    How to replicate it:
    1- Cast hook on a target
    2- As hook approaches, cast Euls on that target.
    3- Eul's tornado will start but it will end when hit by the tornado.

    Expected: Eul's should be faster (instant?) and spells should be have no effect on tornadoed units.

    This is the replay, including matchtime: dota2://matchid=22641868&matchtime=3273


  • #2
    Hook is an ability that goes through tornado and can pull units out of it with no damage. Omnislash can also hit units in tornado with no damage done to them.


    • #3
      I think Lightofhell is correct but does it suppose to end tornado as well?


      • #4
        No it should't end tornado.


        • #5
          I think he thought his eul's got canceled when what really happened was hook dispelling the cyclone. Yes you can hook cycloned units, but it's not supposed to dispel it and there are a few stuff that work through cyclone: deafening blast (pushes them back), diffusial blade/dispel (dispels cyclone ending it), hook, chronosphere (pauses duration), however none of these work except the hook in dota 2.


          • #6
            +1 Confirmed Happaned to me as well ... It looks like it hooks u in mid air ... and it dispells the turnado and sets it in cooldown...Thats not supose to happen
            I think the problem is that there is some time in dota 2 where animation of turnado starts and The actual effect begins ... SO in other words it is not instant..
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            • #7
              Yep, I know how tornado used to work on Dota1, hook/deafening blast would move it around, but what I'm reporting is that pudge's hook is able to dispell your tornado if timed right.
              Dota1: Tornado makes you invulnerable, hook still moves you but does no damage.

              Dota2: 2 different situations are possible: 1- If the tornado animation is completed hook will go through your hero and (I believe) hook whatever is past you.
              2- If tornado animation is just starting, hook will pull you, dispell it, Eul's will be on CD (not sure about damaging).

              I know that Tornado interaction has been changed (Omnislash for example), however this second occurrence makes me think that tornado isn't instantaneous anymore or there is some specific bug regarding hook.

              This may sound a bit off-topic, but why havent they changed chronosphere and tornado interaction to be just like dota1? It takes skills to avoid it and it makes sense >:


              • #8
                as I said before there's no delay on euls, it just looks a bit delayed sometimes, but it's just pudge's hook dispelling euls, doesn't matter if it's starting or not.
                I tried it while someone was cycloned by storm panda since the duration is longer than other cyclones and hooked with pudge and it got dispelled. He takes no damage but he gets pulled and cyclone ends.
                Idk where you got that hook goes through, because it's not happening here.


                • #9
                  So basically, the problem here is hook dispelling cyclone.


                  • #10
                    adding to sticky.
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                    • #11
                      + confirmed - Played as Lina, Euled self and hook hit just as Lina was about full height of cyclone, she was pulled out of cyclone immediately but damage was not dealt.