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[Intended?] Huskar life break cancelled from tiny throw

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  • [Intended?] Huskar life break cancelled from tiny throw

    Ok so basically what has happened is;
    Tiny/Huskar go for gank on Sniper.
    I (Husk) have ulted as tiny threw me at Sniper.
    Husk ult activated (visually and cd activated) but there was no damage to either sniper or huskar.

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    I couldnt do the same at dota1, but perhaps i tried to little, so I call bug.
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      Tiny's throw can throw magic immune units (Huskar during ult), although it cannot target a magic immune unit directly and Huskar's ultimate will be canceled if he is disabled during charge.
      • If Huskar is disabled during this charge, or if the target moves more than 1400 units in 0.015s, the charge stops.

      Basically just ill-timed combination of skills.
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        ^true, but despite that, i manage to test it in WC3 and it works fine (cooldown goes down, damage dealt even tossed, etc etc), even huskar got bugged finishing the lifebreak in Z axis
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          That's exactly what I saw in war3 as well - even though huskar flying, dmg was done (without visual contact, probably triggered).
          So I still believe this is a bug, at least inconsistency.
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            i'd rather say it's an intended fix. adding it to my list.
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