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[Confirmed] Naga's Mirror Image doesn't dispell runes and some (de)buffs

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  • [Confirmed] Naga's Mirror Image doesn't dispell runes and some (de)buffs

    When Naga uses Mirror Image ability while under effect of rune, rune effect doesn't dispells. Same for some spells.

    1) Pick Naga and lvlup Mirror Image
    2) Pick DD/Haste/Regeneration rune or cast something (list below)
    3) Cast Mirror Image

    Naga stays with rune effect or (de)buff removes (or stays for some spells)

    Effect removed from Naga (or not removed for some spells)

    Full(maybe i missed something?) list of differences Dota1 vs Dota2 (i will write dota2 effect after Mirror Image cast, if not mentioned something else, in dota1 it works opposite way)

    1. Sticky Napalm (Bat) - removed (fixed)
    2. Poison Touch (Dazzle) - removed (fixed)
    3. Malefice (Enigma) - removed (fixed)
    4. Burning Spear (Huskar) - in dota 2 only 1 instance left on naga, in dota 1 MI doesnt remove anythihg (fixed)
    5. Cold Snap (Invoker) - removed (fixed)
    6. Ice Armor (Lich) - not removed
    7. Open wound (Naix) - removed
    8. Bloodlust (Ogre) - not removed
    9. Repel (Omni) - not removed from ally, but removed when casted on enemy, in dota1 always removed
    10. Guardian Angel (Omni) - not removed
    11. Shadow Strike (QoP) - not removed
    12. Fade bold (Rubick) - removed -dmg
    13. Caustic Finale (Sand) - not removed
    14. Shadow Poison (SD) - removed
    15. Demonic Purge (SD) - not removed, while in dota1 slow removed
    16. Hellfire Blast (SK) - removed burn
    18. Meld (Lanaya) - removes -armor debuff
    19. Anchor Smash (Tide) - removed
    20. Leech Seed (Treant) - removed
    (looks like naga love poisons)
    21. Venomous Gale (Veno) - not removed
    22. Poison Sting (Veno) - not removed
    23. Poison Nova (Veno) - not removed
    24. Poison Attack (Viper) - not removed
    25. Viper Strike (Viper) - not removed
    26. The Swarm (Weaver) - removed (fixed)
    27. Ensnare (Naga and Neutrals) - not removed
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    Interesting post cause I noticed for Chaos Knight, if I cast a debuff on him and he ulties, the debuff disappears.

    Is it intended that mirror image gets rid of all bufffs and debuffs?


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      Originally posted by AussieMark View Post
      Is it intended that mirror image gets rid of all bufffs and debuffs?
      yes it is

      Originally posted by
      • Upon cast most effects will be removed from Slithice.
      • This ability removes most buffs from Nessaj.


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        ok, i finished my testing interaction between Mirror Image and other spells (all with duration), it took a while (I've reached radiant hero limit 3 times ), but i found 26 differences between dota1 and dota2, i will update 1st post now

        PS: Maybe somebody else will re-test this? Or test same thing with Nessaj ult?
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          Nice list, thanks for testing. Going to add to the sticky.
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            This post should also help. Anything mirror image-based should remove most buffs/debuffs.

            I think manta also has a couple incorrect interactions so you might want to just check every mirror image-based ability while you're at it.
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              I really think that in dota 2 it should be changed from some buff and debuffs to all for the sake of consistency. It didn't remove all debuffs from dota 1 because of shortcuts when coding new spells if I'm not misstaken.
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                Originally posted by Konung View Post
                I really think that in dota 2 it should be changed from some buff and debuffs to all for the sake of consistency. It didn't remove all debuffs from dota 1 because of shortcuts when coding new spells if I'm not misstaken.
                i didn't say it remove all buffs, i just listed buffs that interact differently from dota1 (and btw if you count "removed" and "not removed" you will see it's almost same numbers, now it looks like random )